#Great: Lawmaker Builds House For Poor Childless Widows | CABLE REPORTERS

Great: Lawmaker Builds House For  Poor Childless Widows | CABLE REPORTERS

Hon Smart Nonso Okafor, a lawmaker representing Nnewi north state constituency at the Anambra state House of Assembly has made himself a shining star. 

The youthful lawmaker built a house for a childless widow in his constituency. The house was commissioned today.

The house is a 3-bedroom bungalow, which he also furnished. He built the 3 bedroom bungalow for 3 childless women married to one husband. 

These poor widows were almost homeless if not for the humanitarian intervention of Hon Smart Okafor. Mrs. Gladys Obibulu, Anthonia Obibulu, and Bridget Obibulu can now sleep in a decent home well furnished.

The widows were living in terrible conditions in a dilapidated mud house in Okpuno, Nnewichi, Nnewi. These women are married to the same husband who is now late and had no children. Their house was so dilapidated that major parts of the zinc covering the thatched house were leaking and some parts of the mud house were already falling. 

The pictures below are the newly built bungalow and the old dilapidated mud house the widows were living in.


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