Enugu On A Halt As Enugu Female Students Goes On A Solidarity Rally For Ugwuanyi | CABLE REPORTERS

 The streets leading to the Enugu State Government House today were flooded by young and vibrant female Students led by Comr. Precious Iziga, the first female SUG President, Enugu State College of Education Technical they entertained a Solidarity March in support of the Governors's Peaceful devotion. 

P.opularly said, Enugu State has been in the hands of God before some hoodlums took to the wanton destruction of properties and Youths killing themselves in the name of Cult Wars and other Vices. We have witnessed several deaths of young students around the town and rural areas of the State. All these go against an already existing 6year Peaceful Habitation as expressed by His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi. 

Marching today, the group maintained that Security breeds peace and as such, the Enugu State Citizens and Occupants should be security conscious and form the largest security network ever known by been a brother’s keeper. Thieves don’t come from outside, rapists don’t, Burglars same; they all come from respective homes where a whole lot of individuals in the society know and a few of them enjoy from the loot of these vices. 

The group led by Comr. Precious maintained that Ugwuanyi is actually working round the clock to ensure security is maintained at its peak and thus urged the larger society to report any possible or intending crime to ensure Lives and properties are secure! According to one of the girls, “We are girls and we are more vulnerable and we are Families only hope; if we get done in an unruly system where the citizens don't their part in security enforcement, then its hell already for our families”. 

Indeed, Youths in Enugu State should desist from fighting Senseless Cult Wars and Shedding Youthful blood, and reducing the chances of a brighter future where human resources will survive. We are currently faced with National security Crises and the last thing to do now is to reduce our human capital internally; what if a war looms out, who will protect your family and loved ones? The Group urged young people to abstain from violence and shedding of blood to ensure Enugu State is united and wins all her external wars against Banditry in our State. 

The Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, seeing this wonderful act of civic responsibility sent a representative to welcome the good and courageous students of the Enugu State that took it as a responsibility to ensure security is tantamount in a situation like this. We are all in this together, Security is everyone’s business, and God, in whose hands Enugu State is wouldn’t allow anything to happen to innocent citizens. We shall continue doing our best to ensure lives and properties are protected in Enugu State.

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