"I slept on Cartoon, had no bank account ", - May D recounts ordeal staying with Psquare

"I slept on Cartoon, had no bank account ", - May D recounts ordeal staying with Psquare.

After Cynthia morgan tweet accusing Jude Okoye Of her Career Misfortune,  Akinmayokun Awodumila, popularly known as May D, an afrobeat musician has gone ahead to narrate his ordeal and experiences years he worked with the most popular music twins (P- square).
He tweeted,

    "When I speak, people think I'm ungrateful but the truth will always come out one way or the other last cuz I'm a covenant child!"

then a follower on twitter accused him of being greedy back then. The singer didn't hold back revealing many unsaid things, starting from how he stayed with them since 2008 and had no bank account. 

He went further to say that, while he was with them, he never billed them for anything he did for them, the songs written and voiced with reference to the "invasion album". 

One would think that was all meant to be said, but the singer while trying to pour out his heart in pains, made it known how he was treated, where he was sleeping, the conditions he was kept, the songs he had, and wanted the world to hear but was not given an opportunity and how bad it was really for him then.
 Mr. May D in his tweet as quoted,

  " ...for you information, I was staying in their boy's squatters with their driver and their cook just one room all of us shared a toilet and I had big songs and also the other side of their twin duplex was empty !.."

The singer reminded her that, he is the most reasonable person one can ever meet in his tweet as quoted, 

" don't ever in your life say I'm greedy again... I'm the most reasonable person you can ever meet"

Cable Reporters are yet to get ,either Peter or Paul Okoye to respond to the claims.


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