#Opinion: COLLECT IT by Chinenye Miracle | CABLE REPORTERS

#Opinion: COLLECT IT by Chinenye Miracle |CABLE REPORTERS

Collect It!!!
If you see where politicians are sharing money collect it!
It is only the one given to the masses that are tagged as sin, it is only the one you receive that they see as you selling your rights.

They go to our religious places and make donations and our leaders accept it, praise them and instigate us to vote for them(is that one not sin?)

They visit our schools, pay the SUG and VC a courtesy visit with a fat envelope and they encourage you to vote them in! That one is not selling your rights abi?

They visit our market places, have a handshake with the chairperson and they gather our market women for the campaign, and tell us not to sell our votes?

And they go to our Ministries and give our directors a fat envelope and it becomes the matter of losing your job or going for rallies bearing bills of I stand with... And that one is not wrong?

How much religious organization can reject donations?
Most of them even command their members to give standing innovations just to get more favor.

If you see anywhere they are sharing money, gather people to become their leader, and collect the lion share!

Miracle Chinenye

Let me hear you see it's not right to receive your right!
No matter how bad a thief is when you see him with your property collect it!

But do not sell your conscience!!!
Collect the money, and vote for the right party(if there is any)
Collect the bags of rice and campaign for a man worth the seat!
Don't let a manifesto that will never exist affect your mind!
Don't fight your follow a poor man for a rich man who will end up leaving you worse than he met you.

Why kill your brothers for a politician who will still kill you to seal his secret!
Collect their money and watch their downfall, it's simple, they paid you for their downfall!!

It only becomes a bribe when you sell your conscience for it!

Our roads are wet of the blood of poor Nigerians because those rich men are on-air always and never completed any constructions.

Collect it and be you!!

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