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Time is an ambiguous word, but has been an important aspect of  life(if not the most important), one ought to have the understanding of what time is. 
According to the Merriam Webster, "Time is an appointed, fixed or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin or end. Time is equally seen as the period when something happens or occurs."

Over the years, in a bid to quantify time, many people have referred to time as money, this they did with the view of salary and wages since one is been paid for the time spent, to them time should be clearly stated as money. But have you considered the fact that money cannot buy back the time spent and if money cannot buy moments lost, then time is certainly not money. Others see time as an opportunity, but been that it is the existence of time that makes opportunities visible, can we still call time opportunities?
Others have mistaken clocks and calendars as time, but these are not time but were all created in a quest to quantify time. Therefore these quantifiers cannot exactly be called time because time has been before it's creation.

Chinenye Miracle

Someone might ask what then is time?
Time is the distance between birth and death, setting of goals and achieving them, wealth and poverty, joy and sorrow; time determines where you are and what you are doing at a given period!
What we call LIFE today is actually the true meaning of TIME!!
There is no time in the absence of life!!

Why do one bother about things that only time decides, the place of employee and employers, the place of unemployment and creation of labour is decided by time.
Why take your own life when even your death cannot affect time itself. Be sure that when you meet success is the appropriate time for it.
Time has moved women from housekeeping to school, from kitchen to companies, why fight for equality when it is only time that can grant equal opportunities.
Let time which is life decides each moments of your life.
Do not forget, LIFE itself is GOD and if GOD is life then GOD is TIME for GOD is TIMELESS and there is no LIFE without GOD.

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