#Relationship: The woman and Her Money by Maduabuchukwu David | CABLE REPORTERS

Maduabuchukwu David 

As a woman makes plans to get married and raise a Godly family, she should also build her financial acumen. Whether by full-time employment, running a business or doing both in some cases, women should desire to be financially empowered.
Don’t look for financial security in marriage. There are many wrong reasons for marriage and financial gain is one of them.
Being married to a doctor doesn’t guarantee sound health, marrying a rich man doesn’t guarantee wealth.
Marry from a mindset of a revelation in God’s word that says marriage is good.
A woman must be able to stand on her own, hold down a job or have some skills that she can trade with for income. For your finances to grow, seek knowledge. Attend financial seminars. Learn about money: know how it comes and goes.
Learn about budgeting and be disciplined enough to keep to your budget. Follow financial experts on social media, ask questions and get wisdom to build wealth in trust for your family.Learning to give is also a part of financial literacy. Giving to God and others is an investment that pays big dividends.
Also, know that The woman's is ~not~ for her only as many people have come to believe.
Use your money help and grow the home. Invest in the lives of your children and your husband. God is blessing you for a reason. Your main reason of existence transcends you. It's beyond you wearing latest clothing or posting the best picture on Instagram. It's about the impact you have in your world.
I pray that this season marks a new level of abundance in your life!


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