#Exclusive: Buhari's Foreign Loans Is Exposing Nigeria to Modern-day Slavery, Mortgaging Our Future - Dr. Okunlola | CABLE REPORTERS

CABLE REPORTERS learnt that Dr. Dayo Okunlola, a successful chartered accountant and an economic analyst have expressed his disappointment over the inability of the Buhari led administration to harness the "huge resources available in our country", expressing fears that the resent loan moves by this present administration without an operable repayment plan will totally threaten the fiscal integrity of our nation.

"I have studied carefully of recent as things are unfolding in this country and It is more alarming that the Buhari government, in this fiscal year, cannot muster the capacity to harness the huge resources available in our country to generate even half of the sum of its own budget, but has been going cap in hands to shop for foreign loans," He said

Dr. Okunlola, who's equally a final year law student expressed his concerns that the 31.703 billion dollars loans reaped by this APC led administration will expose Nigerians to the risk of modern-day slavery and mortgage Nigerians future to economic heist by foreign interests.

Dr. Dayo Okunlola

As exclusively gathered by CABLE REPORTERS, Dr. Dayo Okunlola said: "President Buhari’s moves to take a fresh $5.513 billion (N2.1 trillion) loan in addition to an earlier $22.79 billion (N8.5trillion), the size of 2020 budget, without operable repayment plans, will totally compromise the fiscal integrity of our nation and open her up for economic annexation by foreign creditors. This is in addition to N850 billion from the capital market.
The APC administration is practically driving our nation to the brinks while exposing Nigerians to the risk of modern-day slavery by mortgaging our future to economic appropriation by foreign interests.
resent loan' $22.79bn,$5.513B,3.4B$= TOTAL 31.703B$
We are going into modern slavery soon.
Based on my background as a Chartered Accountant, I find it so difficult to comprehend this"

He equally called on all lawyers in the country to look for a possible legal redress to prevent Nigerians future from being mortgaged.

"That’s why am bringing this forward to my Legal Luminary’s whether there is a Legal redress to this as a citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria so as to prevent our future being mortgaged" Dr. Dayo added


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