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Nkanu youth assembly has cleared the air on some fallacious claims by some unknown individuals challenging the reason behind the association gifting the state governor a cow as a show of appreciation.

In a statement obtained by CABLE REPORTERS signed by the National President, National Secretary, and National PRO, called for all the youths of Nkanu land to join in contributing their quota towards the development of Nkanu, pledging all inclusiveness in their government.
The Statement titled "Literary For Your Enlightenment" read:

"The attention of the Nkanu Youth Assembly has been drawn to a fallacious publication made by faceless individuals who out of their shenanigans wrote a defaming write-up with no signatories against the noble youth organization and our respected elders.

As usual, we wouldn't have opted to responding to their treacherous claims but it's imperative we guide them properly;

°° Nkanu Youth Assembly is not and will never be a campaign group and as such we are not directly or indirectly campaigning for anybody, we owe allegiance to nobody but the teeming youths of Nkanu Land who through their delegates sent by the 6 local government chairmen of Nkanu land elected us at Enugu South Local Government Secretariat to the task of unification, sociocultural advancement, and protection of the interest of Nkanu Youth and Nkanu Land at large which we are doing creditably well to the glory of God and service to our fatherland.

°°° Nkanu Youths are known to be courteous, civil, polite, and respectful to our elders/ leaders, so, we on behalf of all Nkanu Youths met with total displeasure, umbrage, discontentment and dissatisfaction by this act, hereby condemn in its entirety the sponsored insults and opprobrium of the estimable leaders of Nkanu Land especially a hallowed traditional rural of Nkanu land by these faceless people/persons who trudged so low to calling them names.

°°° We also see it important to enlighten the paid purveyors of divisive articles that the gift of a cow to our loving governor as a show of appreciation for his good leadership, inclusiveness of Nkanu youths in his administration, his support to our just concluded COVID-19 palliative sharing which touched the lives of many indigents persons of Nkanu Land, among other numerous good deeds, is a joinder to the highest show of love, gift, and unreserved support shown to his Excellency by Nkanu Youths and Nkanu people at large by giving him 99% of Nkanu Votes in 2015 gubernatorial election, a commitment we reaffirmed in 2019.

For clarity and guidance, the inscriptions, as we all know, are usually engraved by the artisans so as to identify a cow from another and they usually do it with the name of people or organizations that purchased it, at times without your prior notice.

•••We want to remind those susceptible agents who do not crave for the good of Nkanu Land and nurturing of younger ones that the inclusiveness of some undergraduates (of whom many are in their 2nd degrees) is a strong show of youthfulness in leadership and we owe no apology to that.
Equally, the local government chairmen that recommended them through an official letter reposed trust on them and it's evident to all that they are doing wonderfully well.

Furthermore, let's remind them that youths constitutionally are people from age 18 -40 years, and anyone who wills can further his education notwithstanding the age. some governors we know, ministers, chairmen, Commissioners, etc are still students, former President Obasanjo went back to school after his tenure to show that education remains continual and not a thing of age, growth or maturity.
 Alas, if young people can't be part of youth organizations how then can we boldly clamor for the youth inclusiveness in political leadership... Be properly guided.

°°°We call on those paid agents whom we assume are not from Nkanu land to desist from their sponsored malicious acts, repudiate  been used as a tool by unappeasable sets, and channel their time, energy and resources into good use.

Their sponsors should always recollect that  Nkanu Youth Assembly is open to all Nkanu youths and as such all sons and daughters of Nkanu land are welcomed to contribute their quota on our just course to foster unity, peace, progress, and development in Nkanu land but be rest assured that no form of paid distractions can stop us from our continual determination to our service to our fatherland and humanity.

God Bless Nkanu Youth Assembly
God Bless Nkanu Land
God Bless Enugu State

Edeani M. Edeani
National President

Comr. Iloka Columbus
National Secretary

Comr. Micheal Oguegbe
National PRO"


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