"This post does not intend to focus on the achievements of this administration but to discuss the person of Governor Ugwuanyi. 
Since his inauguration as Governor of Enugu State, we have seen clearly how the support base of His Excellency Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has continued to grow and widen even to the amazement and admiration of the few opposed to him on party lines. They cannot help but agree that Governor Ugwuanyi possesses a unique personality, exudes engaging charm and radiates a mesmerizing aura which he has brought into play in his style of administration. There is therefore this general consensus that the Governor has effortlessly championed and led an open administration, delivering all the four point agenda, and also navigating a most peaceful state. These they observe, is regardless of the challenges of the 2015 economic meltdown and the economic doom associated with the present covid 19 virus. Enugu has therefore witnessed incremental breakthrough on all fronts, especially the quantum work across all the rural communities of the state. Still, people wonder how he does his magic.

Every now and then you meet a person who is very different.  You can't put your finger on what it is that attracts you to such an individual, but he or she exudes mystery and strength, radiating a silent but yet infectious CHARM that is strange and mesmeric.  The heart of the untrained, who feed on jealousy, lures him into wanting to hate and hurt such a wonder of creation. However, one thing yearns for explanation and that is how it is easy for such person to commandeer the hating fella, disarm him and gets him to begin to warm up to him with love. The question is: What is this unseen force?  Why do some have it and most do not?  For those who have it, infectious aura becomes their unspoken credentials.  It's a charisma that gradually grows and develops around them.  Through it, they can express a special goodness that helps people - and this planet - to change for the better.  From this rare aura comes flow; from that flow comes simplicity of heart; from simplicity of heart comes contentment and a passion to be a shoulder for others to lean on and find happiness and fulfilment.  

Some people gain mastery of their charm and aura over the years anyway.  They do it via emotional control and physical discipline, which quiets their energy naturally.  They exude an effortless strength.  Self-discipline is valuable in developing this rare endowment, because they help one control the destructive side of the ego.    Around him is a subtle electromagnetic body of energy that can be called the subtle body of energy and is normally unseen by the naked eye.  The ancient scholars called it the inner man.  This is where the real personality in man who has come to full awareness of himself resides. Imagine it to be a fait energy field like a colorless mist.  
Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is fascinating and beautiful to watch.  Gap toothed, with a characteristic charming smile, his mien leaves no one in doubt that he is an urbane, gentle and unassuming personality, with a knack for doing his things in very modest yet detailed ways. Mincing no words, these attributes can be seen and contextualized within the ambits of the spectacular achievements recorded in five years while are yet grappling with the challenges of payment of salaries, the reality of the dwindling economy and that of lack of wherewithal to bring to reality the aspirations of the people of their states. Enugu offers every sincere analyst a radical departure from what administration in Nigeria had come to represent. The achievements are so glaring to be recited here. 
Even beforehis assumption of office as a Governor, his finesse readily shows in any crowd. His entrance into any arena of public gathering can be felt without the faintest of introduction from the anchors ofthe  event. Almost all of a sudden, his often unannounced entrance to public functions generate spontaneous acclaim of Gburugburu Gburugburu to which he responds with a smooth smile and a waving of hands, then quietly dissolves into the crowd. Many have argued that he is too humble at all times irrespective of the fortunes of wealth and authority. But that is the silent power he radiates that has molded him into a PHENOMENON.
It is not hard for anyone encountering this wonder of a man to see deep into his phenomenon. Everyone is subliminally aware of his personality.  On the first contact with him, a synapse fires across the empty space between you and him; the energy mingles momentarily with the other, exchanging trillions of pieces of information in a split second and causes you to grasp the depth of humanity that lies inside of him. 
With a political and professional career spanning over a decade and half years, and continually in the public glare without records of scandal or known enmity with anyone, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has continued to create an unparalleled and uncommon presentation of a man of the century needed for a turnaround from the old order to a new paradigm in leadership and governance. He has within the years cut the image of a proven gadfly who will continue to advance the frontiers of the glorious achievements of sages gone, and steer us into a new wave of unprecedented human and material development, a culture of politicking with finesse and a momentous motivation to appreciate our civic obligations and contributions to the state.  Indeed Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a PHENOMENON and his trend transcends and infects. Enugu State is moving forward. 

It’s been all exemplary leadership since after he SOLEMNLY SWORE"

Onyekachi C Ugwu


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