#Opinion: One Year In 2nd Term: Hon. Nnajiofor Exceeding Expectations - Comr. S. Edeani | CABLE REPORTERS

The key index for measuring a successful lawmaker is evaluating the key functions of a legislature which includes: Quality Representation, law-making, and Oversight function and in all the aforementioned tasks, it's evident that Hon. Paul Nnajiofor, Ononenyi JP has exceeded all the legislative expectations in his 365 days as a second term legislature, representing the good people of Nkanu East in Enugu State House of Assembly.
Hon. Paul Nnajiofor upon assuming office on the 10th of June 2019 for the 2nd term has been proactive, sponsoring and supporting many purposeful and result-oriented bills for the great benefit of the good people of Nkanu East constituency, such bills sponsored and supported by him are and not limited to:
The bill for the setting up of Enugu State consumers Protection Agency currently going through legislative scrutiny.
The motion of urgent public importance and petition against the unfriendly, indiscriminate charges, and other unwholesome practices of EEDC against the good people of Nkanu East.

Equally, as the Chairman Joint Committee on the Repeal and Re-enactment of CSDP Law, Hon Nnajiofor in his quality legislative prowess held a public hearing on a bill for a law to repeal the Enugu State Agency for Community and Social Development Law No. 18 of 2010 and to enact Enugu State Agency for Community and Social development law.

This bill which aims to bring social development in Nkanu East communities will attract skill acquisition centers, educational institution renovation and construction, construction of markets, town hall, and helping the less privileged in the communities, this is in line with his mandate to offer purposeful legislation that will attract social development and human capital building in Nkanu East.

Ononenyi in his quality representation drive has set up a vibrant constituency Advisory Committee comprising representatives from all the wards in Nkanu East this is to ensure closer liaison to the people.

In Education, upon renewal of mandate, Hon. Paul Nnajiofor has augmented his social constituency intervention initiatives through more educational and bursary support to the indigent undergraduates of Nkanu East constituents in the various tertiary institutions spread across Nigeria.

On Health, Hon Paul Nnajiofor, in understanding the importance of healthy living has embarked on medical outreaches to rural communities in Nkanu East.

In promoting human capital and boosting self-reliance, Ononenyi has reinforced his commitment by providing training on skill acquisitions for the youths and women in Nkanu East.

He kicks started the process of repositioning the Ministry and all MDA’s under his committee’s coverage which has resulted in the repeal and re-enactment of the CSDP Law; the bill which aims at bringing Social Development in Nkanu East and Enugu State communities at large will attract skill acquisition centers, renovation and construction of educational institutions, markets, town halls, etc have passed first and second reading and has subsequently undergone successful public hearing under a joint committee he headed.

He saw the repositioning of the Enugu State Fire Service as well as the repositioning and injection of new ideas on the operation of the Enugu State Rural Electrification Board in support of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s drive for sustainable rural electrification and lightning.

Hon. Nnajiofor through his committee is currently working on the review of the Community Development Project (CDP) laws of Enugu State.

He chaired the Adhoc committee that produced the Enugu State House of Assembly Legislative Term agenda: a working document for the 7th assembly.

He sponsored the bill for the setting up of Enugu State consumers Protection Agency currently going through legislative scrutiny.

He sponsored motion of urgent public importance and petition against the unfriendly, indiscriminate charges and other unwholesome practices of EEDC against the good people of Nkanu East.

Hon Nnajiofor’s renewed legislative leadership facilitated the reconstruction of a six classroom block at CPS 1, Isigwe Ugbawka, though the ENSUBEB.

He attracted the ongoing CSDP/world bank assisted projects in the following communities of Nkanu East:
i. Isienu Amagunze 
ii. Imeama Ugbawka
iii. Amalfi Nkerefi
iv. Mbulu Owo
v. Ubahu
vi. Isiogbo Nara
Hon Paul Nnajiofor has also facilitated the construction of the Owinyi river bridge in Mbulu Owo by RAMP.

Sponsoring the training of young people of Nkanu East in Solar Energy panel production. 

Hosting the Back to Jesus Christian outreach in Owo on December 5, 2019. 

Empowered over 180 people with new handsets for more effective communication. 

He personally made financial support for the reconstruction of one of the burnt buildings in CPS Amagunze.

Sponsoring of some young pastors in theological schools. 
Distribution of palliatives to more than 350 households in Nkanu East including 350 bags of rice, 70 cartons of noodles, 1500 hand sanitizers, 2000 face masks, and over one million naira cash to cushion the harsh effect of hunger occasioned by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Rt. Hon. Nnajiofor packaged and sponsored various sensitization and awareness community campaigns aimed at the prevention of the community spread of the novel pandemic through radio announcements, posters, flyers, billboards, and organized public forums.

He sponsored and financed various award-winning and cash-backed prizes through radio programs and some social media channels as a means of proving palliative support to winners of such quizzes. 

He organized Town hall meetings and interface for President General’s, various women and community leaders of Nkanu East on December 30, 2019, April 12th and 13th 2020, and June 1st, 2020. 

Hon. Nnajiofor hosted constituency advocacy fora with PG’s, town criers of various communities, women leaders, religious leaders, and various youth organizations aimed at fostering peace, unity, and development between communities in Nkanu East. 

Hon. Nnajiofor is also on the forefront leading his constituents on the fight against the community spread of coronavirus pandemic. 

He visited various homes of the less privileged in Nkanu East Communities and beyond with different types of support. 

He visited and paid for hospital bills for indigent constituents on December 24th, 2019, February 22nd, 2020, and April 13th, 2020.

He is supporting the planting, renovation, and equipping of churches such as Assemblies of God Church Ohubo Ama nkanu, St Ebenezer Methodist Church Mbulu Owo, St. Jude Anglican church Owo, etc all in Nkanu East L.G.A. 

He has sponsored about 3 motions and co-sponsored other motions on notice. 

He is sponsoring the Mbulu Owo talent hunt and football competition since 2007.  

With all these and many more are some of the legislative strides of Hon. Paul Nnajiofor on his one year as a state legislature, this is as he continues with his proactive leadership, all-round collaborations and constant consultations with all political leaders to secure credible, visionary and result-oriented representation

God Bless Ononenyi
God Bless Nkanu East
God Bless Enugu State

Comr. Sullivan Edeani
Is the Enugu State Coordinator, Raising New Voices Nigeria


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