Another season of political intrigues and permutations is here in our polity again. Lots are going on in Edo state political landscape especially, in the camps of the two major political parties - APC and PDP.

But more confusions are in the camp of the Edo state ruling APC. They seems to be, or, rather; they are in a 'fix' at the moment. Lots of political traps and landmines littered here and there....and more are in the offing !

Amidst all these, one voice that supposed to calm the nerves of his political party members and douse tension in the polity has been 'loudly' silent as usual.

As a leader of the political party, President Buhari's voice is very necessary in his party at this moment of political turmoils in Edo state. Always staying aloof watching issues metamorphosing from little crisis to major ones has never helped, and would never do.

If there is any time silence is ever golden, at this moment, in the tussles to claim or retain Edo State Government House, 'this silent is NOT golden' 
Mr President should speak now and confirm to his party members and stalwarts that he is truly their leader.

Keeping quiet at confusions in own political party is not one of the qualities of a 'democrat' that he claims to be, rather; it is only solidifying the negative assumptions (which I do not want to say out here) of some people.

In the days of Baba Iyabo when he was President and leader of his party. Baba can never stay aloof and watch his people thrown the party into confusion and keep quiet, never! He must do something. Whether you like his actions and method or not, that was never his business. His business was to rescue and survive his party...and that is a true mark of a leader.

Then President Obasanjo would go to any length to affirm the African saying that: an  elder would not watch a goat deliver on a tether.

I know, the leadership style of President Buhari is quite different from other people's leadership style. But atimes, a leader needs to be rough, rugged and blow hot in order to save situation. That is exactly what majority of Nigerians expect from Mr President now as regards Edo confusions.

This is not the a time for some SA or SSA to make comment on his behalf and tag it: presidency says! No, Baba himself should talk to his people before it is too late.

Edo state may go the way of Zamfara if APC does not act fast and put it's house in order. And time is ticking quite fast !

I am Wilson Wilson,,,'just thinking aloud.

Wilson Wilson  writes from Geidam - Yobe State"


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