#opinion: Ugwuanyi Is The Best Governor In Nigeria And Deserves The Best Accolades _ Prince Nwanjoku |CABLE REPORTERS

By Hon. Prince. Ekenedilichukwu Nwanjoku.

Beloved, I wish to let you all know that His Excellency, the performing and workaholic governor of Enugu State, #Rt_Hon_Dr_Ifeanyi_Ugwuanyi has done tremendously well in every aspect of his 4POINT AGENDA.

(1a) In areas of #INFRASTRUCTURAL_DEVELOPMENT (ROAD), Gburugburu has built over 700 kilometres of road within his 5years in office and he's still constructing and putting more in place day by day. This is the reason why the entire people of Enugu State call him the #INFRASTRUCTURAL_BUILDER.

(1b) In #EDUCATION, Gburus has built over 750 schools both primary and secondary and has renovated over 480 schools across the 3-Senatorial zones in the state.

In the higher institution, His Excellency, has also made every institution in the state working by providing the students with enough Lecturers, access roads and ICT complex buildings. This is the reason why the students of Enugu State stand strong with Gburus as #Education_Developer_Par_Excellence

(2) in #HEALTH, His Excellency has tirelessly put in place every measure to improve the health sector of the state, by providing enough health facilities to all the 17 LGAs general hospitals in the state. Building and renovating the government hospitals across the States. He also went further to renovate and equipped the medical rehabilitation center with standard heath facilities. The prompt payment of doctors, nurses and medical personnel is on a steady response.

However, in this era of COVID-19, His Excellency has unceasingly provide over ten thousand relief materials to all the good people of Enugu State. He didn't stop there, he went further to educate his people on how to prevent the COVID-19 disease. And alot more...

(3) In #AGRICULTURE, His Excellency have never get tired in promoting the agricultural sector of the state through his constant loan provision through SME's, provision of agricultural materials to all the famers and provision of a well functional tractor machines to all the local governments across the state with the aim to help the commercial based agriculturist in their farming and provision of fertilizers and other necessary agricultural materials to all the famers to enhance the agro-sector of the state.

(4) #Security, #Electricity, #Empowerment, #Youth_Inclusion. In a bid to forster and promote the lives and properties of the good people of Enugu State, the amiable governor of Enugu State, #Rt_Hon_Dr_Ifeanyi_Ugwuanyi has done marvellously well since he assumed office by providing five hundred security hillux vans to the security agencies. He also create forest guards, Neighborhood watch and equipped them with every necessary materials in other to ensure the proper security and safety of Ndi Enugu State. Right now in Enugu State, they're security check points at the necessary places.

Gburus relentless effort to ensure to the security of his people has been one of his major concern and he is doing it. This made him to commit Enugu State into the hands of God.

In Electricity, His Excellency is also doing his best to ensure adequate provision of light in the state, especially the roads and streets light across the state, even when the power sector of the county has been privatized. The solar lights he put in place are standing strong on all the roads and streets in the state.

In Water, His Excellency implementation in the water board is of no doubt. Water run almost everyday in a week, and this is as a result of the God given governor like GBURUGBURU. 

In Empowerment, empowering the good people of Enugu State has been one of his major concern. Gburus has empowered over five thousand people since he assumed office as Governor of Enugu State through SME's, provision of jobs, etc.

The citizens of Enugu State are very happy with His Excellency empowerment strategy, for he has created jobs for many, through many channels and means in order to eradicate hunger and poverty.

In Youth Inclusion, His Excellency breaks the record and jingle of democracy here by giving full participation and hope to all the youths of Enugu State. Gburus youth inclusive government is one of it's kind in the country. This made the youths of Enugu State to name and call him the YOUTH FRIENDLY GOVERNOR IN NIGERIA.

Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi youth empowerment strategy has indeed given the youths in the state hope that he will hand over power to them. Over 70% of his appointments are all youths. In the 17 Local government Chairmen and deputies, 75% is made up of youths. In the legislatives arm, about 45% of youths are there. Board executives and members, 35% of youths are there as well. This is the reason why the youths of Enugu State are always ready to die with Gburugburu because of his so much love for them. Of which the writer of this article, #Hon_Prince_Ekenedilichukwu_Sampson_Nwanjoku is a typical example.

Beloved, with the above highlights and details, you will see and believe that His Excellency, #Rt_Hon_Dr_Ifeanyi_Ugwuanyi is the BEST GOVERNOR in Nigeria, and the good Lord will continue to guide and protect him, both now and always... "AMEN"

🇳🇬Hon. Prince. Ekenedilichukwu 
Sampson Nwanjoku (OCHENDO).
Coordinator Enugu West General Assembly, Aninri LGA Chapter and Technical Assistant to the Executive Governor of Enugu State.


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