Lady Calls Out Ramsey Noah For Using Her Work Without Giving Her Credit On The Movie "Living in Bondage" | CABLE REPORTERS

The lady on Twitter has called out actor Ramsey nouah for using her work without payment or credit on the movie Living in bondage. She claimed she designed the graphics for the movie but wasn't adequately remunerated. We'll recall that Ramsey nouah directed the movie "Living in bondage, breaking free" which has received wide recognition since it premiered one year ago from movie critics. 
A graphic designer identified as Louisa Jlo on Twitter said that in 2018, she was contacted to work on the Living in Bondage movie project. She admitted that she was very excited to work on such a big project and that no paperwork was done since she didn't know much about the business.

She, however, said that she requested for the down payment and that the media director at the time told her that the budget for the movie was not yet approved and that she would be paid once it was.

The young lady said that she continued working on the project despite having a full-time job at the time. She said she was given a long list of things to design and that she designed them from scratch using her initiative because there was no brief.
Louisa said that the media director at the time later reached out to her and said that he had been fired. This meant that all her work had been for nothing because there were not going to be used. The young lady said that she was unhappy at all the time she had wasted and how she had not been paid a dime.
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