Cubana Chief Priest Lambasts Sandra Ikeji | CABLE REPORTERS

Cubana Group’s Hypeman, Cubana Chief Priest has lambasted famous blogger, Linda Ikeji 's sister, Sandra for calling him a ‘boy boy’.

Cubana Chief Preist said; “I have been a side attraction in my state for 5 straight years, I changed the entertainment game in Southeast, am the most influential youth where I come from, I did not stop there I made it into the Lagos Market and from my first night in Lagos I made it straight to the top till date I did not stop there I extended it to the mainland so that e go reach everybody.”

“Am the only businessman in Naija who is also a Major influencer, aside Cubana I work with Moet and Hennessy the biggest liquor brand in the world, I work with the best selling energy drink and non alcoholic wine in Naija, Bullet and Pure Heaven, I work with the best bank in Africa, VFD Microfinance Bank, I work with Victoria Crest Homes, the biggest real estate company in Naija.”

“I work with Mario and Juliet, the best selling baby diapers in Naija right now. I used my power to headline the win of the most successful Big Brother winner ever amazing sister, Mercy. I have worked with all a-list Naija artistes, no forget O.B.O. The biggest name, my best friend.”

“For this Instagram, I have made some people millionaires and I have been an instrument of joy to many through my Cubana Group under the mango tree platform. Aside your aunty, Linda what have you and your husband ever done? I came to your sister’s wedding who is married to my Bro. and friend Ogbonna Kanu, it was a payback for when he and the legend Kanu Nwankwo came for my mom memorial service.”

“I no just come, I shut it down in your fathers compound that was what you wanted for yourself, but you guys came begging for me to come and also host you after party that your aunty, Linda was gonna come smh. E break your heart say I no come, sorry if say una buy better drink I for come.”

“Your Aunty Linda no be artist, she being at your after party won’t yield me any fruits that is why I decline, don’t be angry that am doing my business.”

“If you are not pained why troll me on your aunty’s blog, you said he paid for his bill. Abeg na cash transfer abi na POS him use pay, remove Ikeji from your name as you don marry you will see that there is nothing left for, if say e reach you I for come through for you.”


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