#Opinion: Gov. Ugwuanyi As A Philanthropist And A Human Advocate By Esther Nnamani | CABLE REPORTERS

"Humans over the years have been molested and tortured. Their rights taken away from them by force and so many other heartbreaking experiences.

Today ,Only a few persons can stand to say no to these ill acts and even defend the weak.  Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a great example of this new generation that has emerged as generation changers.
  It is also known that no matter the gift one receives ,if happiness isn't present ,the gift is not a good one."

"Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has started from the scratch to build up a solid foundation by giving much support to Gender and  Women Affairs in his state.
This has therefore geared up more defence against Domestic violence of any kind.

  Domestic violence which is known to be one of the reasons why depression and killings are been recorded,If one is able to stop Domestic violence and provide comfort for whosoever is found in this case,I think that person deserves a gold medal for saving a life.

 In other words, going by this Gov.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi deserves A thousand Gold medals because he has indeed saved many.He has been a voice to the voiceless,a strength to the weak and above all,A mentor to the confused.

   What more can one ask for ,When a leader who has this quality is in power,Everything turns out to be just and fair.

   Children are being maltreated and exposed to domestic violence on a daily ,but in our great state we can see that Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi hasn't spared anyone who is found in this crime.
Not only does he penalize the offenders ,but he also brings life and happiness back to the lives of those that have been under this  molestation.

Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a philanthropist indeed and a human Advocate because ever since his regime it has never been recorded that peace has gone missing in Enugu state, 
 He settled the dispute between oruku and umu ode.He has indeed set a pace of peace and equity in the state.

Recently ,He has come to the rescue of a young girl who was domestically violated by her guardian.
 He made sure everything needed to make her well again was provided to her and also made her guardians face the penalty.For this single act of humanity,New cases of domestic violence has also been discovered and he's not relenting.

   He has continued to create job opportunities with his workable partners and also ensuring Everyone is being carried along.
  Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a treasure to ndi Enugu,A man of his word and A leader of Equity.
  Let the good work continue as Lives are being restored on a daily.
_Enugu State continues to be in the hands of God.


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