#Opinion: Urbanizing Enugu State Beyond Enugu Urban by Kingsley Okonkwo | CABLE REPORTERS

Urbanizing Enugu State Beyound Enugu Urban
(Changing Enugu From 0ne City To Multi-city State Through Entrenuership)Pital Enugu (Enu-ugwu) by Kingsley Okonkwo | CABLE REPORTERS

Enugu is the Anglicanized version of Enu-ugwu which means hilltop. 
Enugu urban was established in 1909 by British mining engineers led by Albert Kitson with the discovery of coal deposit at Enugwu-ngwo udi hill.
As the mining activities increased in Enugwu-ngwo and people begin to migrate from different parts of eastern nigeria, a cosmopolitan settlement emerged. The discovery and mining of coal in Enugu led to the establishment of Port-Harcourt to enhance the shipment of coal to United Kingdom

In 1917 Enugu acquired township status and became strategic to interests, from then foreign enterprises began to move into Enugu,the notable ones among them were John Holt, Kingsway Stores, British Bank of west Africa and United African company.
From Enugu the British administration was able to spread its influence to other southern province of Nigeria, then Enugu became the capital of southern province. From being the capital of southern province to the capital of eastern region.

Enugu was the capital of short lived Republic of Biafra, thereafter the East central capital, the capital of old Anambra state and now the capital of present Enugu through the process of state creation and diffusion of administrative authority .
Enugu urban has gone through several transformation and grown to be one of the best cities in Africa just from a small mining settlements.

From the above history, you will agree with me that Enugu is the mother of all other cities in the old eastern region and is expected to be a pacesetter, role model to others considering her position because “the head should always be ahead”
It is sad to note that the much anticipated development across the state is nothing but a mare dream that is yet to come through after many decades.

My question is 
A. What happened to the mother state (city) of the eastern region?
B. Why is the development of other parts of the state aside Enugu urban so retarded. ?
C. Why the Enugu urban the only mega-modern city in the state?

The answers are not far-fetched, the reasons are simple,
 The major factor that hinders the development from spreading across the state is unprogressive politics being played by some set of people or a particular clan who believe that Enugu state belong to them.

In their quest to monopolize the economy, capital and politics of the state they tends to keep every Institution meant for the development of the state to  their doorsteps, For  instance Enugu is politically divided into East (Nkanu) North(Nsukka) And West (Awgu & Udi)S zone but traditional it is Enugu(Udi/Nkanu), Nsukka Zone And Awgu Zone.

The Enugu east (Nkanu land) houses the Government house, Enugu state University of science and Technology(Agbani) University of Nigeria Enugu campus(UNEC),Federal college of Education(Eha-Amufu),Enugu state college of education Technical, The almighty institute of management and technology (IMT),Federal government college, Nigerian law school(Agbani) Enugu state University teaching hospital(parklane),University of Nigeria teaching hospital(UNTH).82 division of Nigerian headquarters,123 battalion headquarters .Ogbete main market, Kenyata Building materials market, Emene industrial zone, Coal camp industrial zone to the detriment of other clan/zone.

How can other zones and parts of the state develop when one part of the state is the Administrative, the economic and academic capital city unlike other states like Anambra where Awka is the administrative capital city while Onitsha and Nnewi are the economic and capital generating cities.
Abia have Umuahia and Aba as the capital and economic cities respectively.
Delta have Asaba and Warri to mention a few.
Ndi Enugu we can do better than all the aforementioned states by 
a. Creating a brand new Economic city outside NkanuLand 
b. Encouraging human capital development
c. Supporting Tech-Know-how and self-development.
d. Creating an enabling atmosphere for Investors and value developers to come in.
e. Moving most of the institutions outside Enugu East zone. In doing these, we can have our own Alaba international market, Aba, Onitsha, Nnewi even Dubai if the needful is done.

The importance of creating an industrial/commercial city outside Enugu urban can never be over emphasized, apart from bringing development to the particular locale where it will be situated it will also:
1 Brings economic development
2 .Encourages investment from individual and private organizations
3, Creates employment opportunities and human empowerment 
4. Lowers unemployment and poverty rate
5 Creates higher average income and gross profit
6. Lowers government borrowing 
7 Increase the internal generated revenue (IGR) of the state 
The time to achieve this is now that Enugu is still in hand of God not in the hand of Nkanu Men.
Remember that time waits nobody and A stitch in time saves nine.
Let the needful be done .

I wish to cease this medium to commend the efforts of our amiable, and project governor    in transforming the state especially the Nsukka urban. 
Before now the acclaimed second largest urban settlement of the state was just a glorified local government headquarters despite hosting Nigerian first indigenous university.

But with the construction of inter-street and ring roads within Nsukka urban,construction of state secretariat Annex,Nsukka ,Nsukka township stadium,Igbo-Ano specialist hospital(Esut teaching hospital) other heavy projects within Nsukka & its environs,the much anticipated development of the area  has finally come.
Thanks be to our Gburugburu who changed the face of Nsukka Urban.

Indeed Enugu is in the hands of God.
Glory to be God in the highest, peace to men of Enugu state.
Long live Enugu state
Long live H.E Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi"


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