#Opinion: Our Youths Should Be Optimistic! By Jonathan M.A.N | CABLE REPORTERS


"The nonchalant attitudes and corrupt practices of those in upper echelons of society should not prompt our Youths to be pessimistic.
Your expectations have not been prevalent or met shouldn't call or instigate your pessimism. Let our intuitions guide us positively and optimistically.

Optimism is imperative and should not be undervalued. It is the faith that leads to success and accomplishment of one's goals. if you are of the view that things will be better regardless the predicaments, discouragement will definitely be scared off.

In my conversation with a friend concerning the goings-on in our society, he said _"Jona i'm so disappointed, these politicians have jeopardised our futures by not doing what is expected of them as our leaders and we the youth are busy clapping hands so that they'll give some pocket money. I don't wanna talk about 9ja because no hope for tomorrow as far as these idiots remains in the political cycle"_ ... said a friend.


Lol now, this is a typical example of pessimism, it can be precarious and makes one complacently hemianopic in seeing his/her goals or anything been called upon to engage for its fruition as well as inability of being foresighted to proffer solutions to the exacerbating challenges being faced. 

Lately, I've discovered that we have been enslaved as per the rate at which we commend and hype them unnecessarily despite their derelictions in the office. Should we talk about our superstitions, sycophantism! Huh!? It's uncalled for. Be bold and say NO to enslavement et al.
"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, says (Bob Marley)".

It's high time to forge words into action.
All hands needs to be on the deck with one voice and one heart geared towards combating challenges and get our homeland revamped for good. It's now, buddies.

The incessant mentioning of their names and the use of expletory words against them should come to a stop as it won't make any difference, but should be channelled in doing the needful and to proffer solutions to the societal hindrances. Your impacts is needed in order to make a difference, but what can you really do to make such difference? Think about it! Play time is over.


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  1. More grace.
    If only the youth will understand there right and stand in the country.