COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available Worldwide Within One Month - President Putin | CABLE REPORTERS

The Russian President,  Vladimir Putin has affirmed that Russian Covid19 vaccine will be ready for Russians and willing countries within one month.

"The Russian coronavirus vaccine will be available to Russians within a month. Many countries in the world are also interested in it. 20 countries are already ready to purchase about a billion doses for their citizens.  The President of Mexico Mr. Obrador said that he was ready to vaccinate himself with a Russian drug if its effectiveness was proven. He noted that ideology should be excluded in this matter. And this is a clear hint of an unjustifiably sharp reaction in the United States, where a representative of the health care system said that even monkeys will not be vaccinated by Russian drug." Putin stated in a press release.

He went further to enjoin the United States and other countries to shun envy and powerplay and get ready to use the drug.

"This is a clear annoyance and simple envy - a few years ago, American representatives were already trying to downplay Russian leadership in the invention of an ebola vaccine. But it was the Russian vaccine that showed the greatest effectiveness then and stopped the epidemic. Now the story is repeating again - unfortunately, some partners are annoyed that the Russian drug is the first to enter the market.

But is human health less important than the political and economic competition? We are all in the same boat called planet Earth.

Stay healthy everyone!" The Russian President added.


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