Opinion: Igbo Presidency After Buhari Not Negotiable - Chukwuebuka Onah | CABLE REPORTERS


Igbo must produce Nigeria's president in 2023 - Isi-uzo Youths Parliament

Rt. Hon. Chukwuebuka Onah, Speaker, Isi-uzo Youth Parliament, an Igbo legislative socio-political body, has declared that Igbo presidency after the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari was not negotiable.

Hon. Onah stated that;
“It must be the turn of Igbos to occupy Aso-Rock at the end of Buhari’s tenure.  By virtue of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria President Buhari has no right to context again come 2023 general election. Igbos must not allow the chance to pass us by this time around after his tenure.

The last person we had was Sir Mbanefo who tried with others to create a situation where Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe should present himself when the military decided to give civilian the opportunity to vie for the August position. After Nnamdi Azikiwe’s attempts, no Igboman had been allowed to venture near that position, the most we have is compensating us for assisting non-Igbo to get into that August position and what they gave us was a vice-president. No, it won’t happen again. We will not give our allegiance or support to non-Igboman anymore to lord or rule over Nigeria.

I also want to advise the igbos to organise ourselves politically, culturally and socially to be our brothers’ keeper and to use the dynamic of “Igboism’’ which made Ndi-Igbo the darling of others who had ascended to the presidency to get others support too.

Enough is enough , we should not serve other people again, let other people reciprocate the actions and attempts we have made, let them show us that the help we gave them in the past was appreciated by supporting an Igboman to become the president of Nigeria. And we will gladly make them to be the vice president.

Isi-uzo Youth Parliament as a body would not engage in partisan party politics but will relate to any political party that has a better chance for Igbos to actualise the presidential demand. Ndi-Igbo must decide who goes for us and should not accept imposition of Igbo candidates by other zones. The zoning arrangement of PDP is an internal arrangement of PDP members only, and shall not disrupt our quest for Igbo presidency after the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari.


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