#Opinion: Ikeoha A Pace Setter And A Goal Getter by Chukwu Uchechukwu | CABLE REPORTERS

In a modern society where leadership has become a scarce quality amongst some office holders, anyone who is one needs to be applauded.

Chief Hon. Nwabueze Nnamani Ikeoha the Executive Chairman of Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State Nigeria has proven in all ramification that true leadership is indeed a combination of Experience and Willingness to render a selfless services to the people.

The Nkanu West transformation journey started when Ikeoha was appointed to serve as the Chairman Caretaker Committee of Nkanu West.
Ikeoha saw this as a Clarion call for leadership and not to enrich himself. He used this opportunity to render his selfless services to the great people of Nkanu West.

As the saying goes,  the reward for a work well done is more work, the people of Nkanu West who have seen his leadership qualities found him worthy to continue as their Chairman. This was a prayer answered when His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the Nkanu West stakeholders approved his candidacy to be the party Flag bearer in the Local government Elections.

The massive support received by Ikeoha's campaign train wherever they entered was a significance that indeed the people are happy with him. And indeed they came out in their good numbers to vote him which saw to his victory at the 28th February 2019.

After the Election victory one would think the Chairman will go into rest as most politicians do but our God sent transformer who has passion to transform Nkanu West began to touch every sector of Nkanu West with his miraculous hands.
Regardless the global pandemic outbreak which brought down so many mighty Nations to their feet,  During this particular time Ikeoha heightened the security in Nkanu West to ensure that those in lock down won't have to loose their hard earned substances to robbery.

This commendable strategy gave the residents a peaceful mind to gradually adjust to the situation on ground.
Also as the Lockdown extends to weeks, Ikeoha knowing fully well that some homes depend soley on daily earnings gotten from either sales or menial jobs which has been fully or partially suspended began the distribution of palliative targeting the widows and less privileged. 
The distribution which he ensured was done fairly cuts across every ward in Nkanu West.

However, as things are gradually returning to normal, Ikeoha to deliver his promises to create more jobs engaged the youths in Agriculture to make food readily to Nkanu land and the state beyond. This project is first of its kind as it has kicked off in most wards in Nkanu West. 

Conclusively you can see that Ikeoha has worked more works than it can be recorded in just an epistle. As we have strong confidence that he will work more, we however appreciate the massive ones he has done so far.
_Chukwu Uchechukwu Emmanuel Writes from Akpugo_

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