Anambra Schools Reopen With Strict COVID-19 Safety Checks | CABLE REPORTERS

CABLE REPORTERS gathered that schools in Anambra State have resumed with strict COVID-19 checks, six months after students were forced to vacate schools becausese of COVID-19 scares.

Public and private schools in Anambra State resumed academic session with strict COVID-19 safety checks as mandated by the government and healthcare providers.

The phased resumption which excludes creche and nursery pupils, is a follow-up to earlier partial opening of schools to allow students in exist classes take their exams.

In some of the schools that was captured this morning, students, teachers and every other individual coming into the vicinity were checked with infrared thermometers, while those who do not have their face masks and hand sanitizers were sent back.

Water tanks and soaps were also placed at strategic entrances to allow for users' safety, while some schools visited also have make-shift isolation rooms just in case.

Alternative classrooms have also been provided to allow for spillover from the mandated number of students for each classroom, though there are obvious difficulties getting that particular task done as some schools have large number of students as against small classroom blocks.

Even though the the 2019/2020 academic calendar has been disrupted by the global pandemic, the returning students would hope to make out something from the third term session.


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