#Opinion: "Go To Hospital If You're Sick, Stop Running To Us For Deliverance Because We Too Go To Hospital Even When We Have Headache" — Catholic Priest | CABLE REPORTERS

If someone is sick, please take the person to the hospital.

We know you want your pastor or priest to pray for the person through the phone.

No problem. . . 

Just take the person to the hospital. . . He can pray wherever he is and God can still answer.

There are cases where the sick person will need anointing, but even that can be done in the hospital.

Nobody is arguing with you on the "power" of the goya oil you want to empty on the sick person's head or the three rosaries you have worn on their necks. . . 

But, take the person to the hospital first. That is the most reasonable thing to do. 

We know the prayer warriors of your prayer group are on their way to your house to bring down heaven . . .

We are not asking you to stop them, but tell them to meet you at the hospital.

If you get to the hospital and you were not properly attended to or you feel the tests were not properly done. . . 

Leave that hospital and look for another, make sure you see a doctor and do proper tests.

If it is very expensive, pay what you can, and when the prayer warriors come, share the remaining bills with them. I am sure they will be willing to help.

It is not faithlessness to seek medical aid or to take medicine.

God who enables us to know things through reasoning cannot contradict himself with what he reveals to us through faith.

He did not intend that your faith will replace your sense, if that was the case, no doctor will be a believer since it will mean that it is impossible to have both sense and faith.

We know that when people are seriously sick, love ones will begin to panic. They will use holy water, oil, and even put bible on the chest of the person. . . But panic don't safe life. Calm yourself down and take the person to the hospital.

Your priests, bishops and pastors have doctors. We go for regular medical check up even for that headache you usually run to us for deliverance." -Fr Kelvin Ugwu

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