Leave Me Alone, Focus On The Game, Nengi Tells Ozo After Getting Final Strike | CABLE REPORTERS

A visibly embarrassed Nengi told Ozo to leave her alone and focus on the game after getting his final strike for writing her a love note.

Nengi, while trying to persuade Ozo to focus more on the game above whatever romantic feelings he has for her, told her to set his eyes more on the game than on her.

“I am not worth it, leave me, don’t forget why you are here because I have not forgotten why I am here. I am a distraction.

“I feel bad this is happening to you. This is actually scary,” Nengi said.

Ozo, in reply, reiterated that she, Nengi, wasn’t a distraction that he has his eyes on the game, but… the two housemates, in a solemn conversation felt bad about the turn of event that led to the strike.

A video of Ozo writing secret love notes to Nengi earned him a final strike from Big Brother Friday evening.


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