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Politicians vying for elective positions are synonymous with putting forward effectively planned and heedfully written manifestoes. This they believe serves as a blueprint that will help them impact positively on the lives of the electorates once they ascend to power. a manifesto is an omnium-gatherums that state clearly the intentions, motives, views and all a politician intends to achieve during the constitutionally backed timeframe in power. And should the electorates be convinced and vote him to power, it becomes a debt he must pay as promised. Doing so will strengthen the best option of collective governance called democracy.

Sen. Uba Sani

Nigeria’s political cumulus is a luscious and cloying hodgepodge of manifestoes at different levels of government which when even partially implemented will positively transform our dear country, from education to infrastructure, health, agriculture, commerce, e.t.c. but sadly today, manifestos have become a hub of unfulfilled promises by our political office holders.

It caught my attention the olla podridas of tongues talking about the manifesto of Senator Uba Sani, the Senator representing Kaduna central in the National Assembly and how much time, maxie and dedication will be required to achieve such within four years, which addresses education which is core inter alia healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, capital for business start ups, agriculture, youth inclusiveness and participation in governance. Albeit we believe in his resplendency, dexterity and adroitness to deliver on his promises which is why we overwhelmingly voted for him, we had no idea he will deliver on all his promises and even more within just one year in office.

Magnificence is one thing, competence is another, and they do not always coalesce, Senator Uba Sani typifies that homogenous concrescence. In area of education, distinguished Senator Uba Sani sponsored bills seeking the establishment of Federal College of Forestry Technology and Research, Birnin Gwari and Federal College of Education Giwa, whom have passed second and third readings respectively. These will go a long way at bridging the literacy gap in not only Kaduna central or the entire state, but Northern Nigeria as a whole, and also immensely boost economic activities in the region thereby creating both direct and indirect employment. Also, he sponsored a bill seeking the conversion of the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic to City University of Technology, Kaduna. Through Uba Sani Foundation, he partnered with Kashim Ibrahim Foundation to build a classroom block at Chikun Local Government Area, and also assisted several final year secondary school students from his constituency by paying for their WAEC and NECO examinations. What more can we ask for within such a short period of time?

He wrote his name in the sands of time in the area of healthcare delivery by sponsoring a bill for the establishment of a Federal Medical Centre in Kaduna state which has passed second reading. This is unprecedented given the gallimaufry, history and geographical location of the state. Further justifying an elixir of even marginal development he has given his constituency, the centre which will be located at the densely populated Rigasa community in Igabi Local Government Area of the state, with the aim of providing healthcare to millions for years to come. This is more than we thought he could achieve in four years.

Through Uba Sani Foundation (USF) and Uba Sani Empowerment Foundation for the Underprivileged (USEFUL) He has empowered and trained hundreds of youths on entrepreneurship who will in turn employ thousands in their various enterprises, ranging from farming inter alia, tailoring, shoemaking and information technology skills. This is aimed at providing both direct and indirect jobs thereby reducing unemployment in not just the constituency, but the state as a whole.

Also the distinguished senator condignly selected savvy youths from amongst us working tirelessly round the clock to be the avant-garde and power the wheels of his impactful change. The composition of Uba Sani Foundation (USF), Uba Sani Empowerment Foundation for the Underprivileged (USEFUL) and all his political appointees and advisers is a testament to his belief and trust in our youth.

Sani Abdulrazak
Sani Abdulrazak

There is just one caveat to proper representation; putting the people first, and this has always been a priority to him. As the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world, the distinguished Senator did not relent; instead it intensified his cauldron to do more for his people. Uba Sani came to the aide of the downtrodden within his constituency to cushion the crippling effect of the Covid-19 lockdown by providing foodstuffs and other items worth N80 million for distribution. 

Kvelling farmers within his constituency and beyond are all smiles thanks in no small part to the Senator's savoir faire and sophistication, through the Uba Sani Foundation; he has and continues to empower thousands of farmers through loans and provision of farming tools in order to boost agricultural production and self reliance in just his constituency, but the state at large. The output from these farmers says it all and we hope this trend will continue for years to come.

I can go on and on, all these and much more were achieved by the empyrean Senator in a little over a year in office, he has indeed done more in one year than he promised in four years. He dovetails humility and charisma and his people are sempiternally grateful to the Senator they now consider a Sui generis. The people of Kaduna central constituency are all singing from the same hymn sheet chanting Voila! They are basking in the la dolce vita and pheromones of such tremendous democratic dividends and saying "Merci Mille Fois” to such a great man. It is without doubt that Senator Uba Sani like the Lannisters has paid his debt in full within a year, not even in four as he promised. 

Sani Abdulrazak is a writer and a technologist.


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