#EndSars: Enugu State Lawmaker Calls For Caution, Urges Youths To Save Our State From Miscreants | CABLE REPORTERS

Lawmaker, representing Nkanu East constituency in Enugu State house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Paul Osondu Nnajiofor has charged Youths in Enugu State to avoid the destruction of lives and properties which will lead to a total bring down of law and order in the state, urging them to accept peace and not to play into the hands of enemies and criminal elements.

"Enugu State is our own, we built our homeland by our hands, by our sweat and grit we rebuilt it despite the ravages of the civil war.

We will protest against oppression, police brutality and demand better governance but WE SHOULD NOT BURN DOWN our HOME STATE". Rt. Hon Nnajiofor stated 

In calling the youths to shun the destruction of lives of Government and private facilities, Cable Reporters learned that the lawmaker begged the youths to realize that we the people of Enugu State are the ones that will suffer the negative economic and social effect of the actions.

"Enugu youths, say no to violence, say no destruction of properties, we are the ones losing, let us be wise to please, do not play into the hand of our enemies and criminal elements" the lawmaker advised.

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