Enugu State Government Set To Groom Tech Start-Ups | CABLE REPORTERS

The government of Enugu state Under Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has shown commitment to groom technological start-ups within the state through Enugu State Tech Hub and Youth Innovation Centre.

Enugu state Tech Hub and Youth Innovation center is an initiative of His Excellency, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi powered by Enugu State Ministry of Science and Technology towards bringing down technology down to the grass root for digital economy of Ndi Enugu. 

Over the years, Enugu state has been rated the highest academic hub of the Southern Nigeria hosting more than 10 indigenous universities, polytechnic and colleges of Education. 

These universities turn out great number of first class and second class graduates in the areas of Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering Technology and others. 

90% of these graduates look up to the government for white collar jobs. However, government vannot employ all of them, and when these jobs are not forthcoming they room about the streets unemployed.

A good number of these graduates have skills/talents which can be harnessed to better their own life and the life of the people around them. 

Some of these graduates may be opportuned enough to travel into counties like India, China, etc for more sophisticated skill acquisition. Others may not have. When they find themselves there, they learn those skills and later get settled either as employees or employers abroad, depleting us of our domestic technology.

The Enugu state Tech Hub intends to drive technology down home. It is designed to disencourage our youths from travelling to Lagos, India,China to acquire technical skills that will enable them fit into the modem society and compete favourably with other professionals. Those skills you travel abroad to acquire, will be provided at the door steps. 

The hub will not only groom them, it will also provide a * Tech Cluster* (which is temporary office accommodation ) for *Tech Start Ups* who want to own businesses but may not have enough capital to rent offices and start up. It will create enabling atmosphere for them to start business with ease. 

In addition, it is going to serve as an interface between Tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Alibaba, Google, Facebook etc and Enugu Tech Start ups as these giants will be given laison offices within the hub to localize their products and services and provide first class training and recruitment programs to Ndi Enugu State. 


1.Graduates of Universities, Polytechnic, Etc who want to earn career in profession IT and technology related discipline.

2. Non Graduates with some technical skills

3. Entrepreneurs 

4. Prospective Farmers and Artisans

1. Web application development, mobile app, and Software development 

2. Website design and hosting 

3. Professional Graphics - Adobe Suits 

4. Data Science and Analytics 

5. Business Intelligence 

6. Internet of a Thing 

7. Agro Business and Automation 

8. Ease of Doing Business. 


It is the dream of the government of Enugu State through the leadership of governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi that the tech hub will turn the state into a Tech Tourism state wihim the next 3 years by bringing in the best Tech solutions and innovations through localization and consequently increase the state Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by at least 15% . The hub targets to create more than 1,500 small scale tech businesses in the region's employing more than 10,000 youths within the short space of time. 

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