GAYGA Vows To Unite The Youths Of Greater Awgu, As There Can Be No Meaningful Development Without Peace And Unity | CABLE REGISTERS

The new National Executives of the Greater Awgu Youth General Assembly (GAYGA), the umbrella and apex youth body of all youths in Greater Awgu comprising of three LGA (Awgu, Aninri and Oji River) led by her National President Comr. Okolie Valentine Ebuka has vowed to unite all youths in Greater Awgu as this is the only way there can be meaningful growth and development of the area.

This was made known through his Press Release/inaugural address yesterday the 30th of September 2020

The  Statement reads:



It is with deep sense of responsibility i stand to address you here today, a great moment and time the youths of Greater Awgu have all been yearning and waiting for. The entire executive of this great and noble organisation wish to thank you all our leaders at different levels; youth leaders, community leaders, brothers and sisters, friends, colleagues and associates and most importantly the board of trustee for your untiring and unrelenting efforts and finding us all worthy and fit into various positions as elected into the leadership of Greater Awgu Youth General Assembly (GAYGA). This is a great and onerous task and duty ahead but we are never deterred as we are all prepared to deliver coupled with the kind and gracious support of you all the youths of Greater Awgu, our BOT and indeed our esteemed leaders.

Greater Awgu as we all know is one of the oldest and foremost cultural zones in Enugu State, is blessed with both human and natural resources. Blessed with intellectuals who have carved out a niche and name for themselves in their various fields of endeavours, be it politics, education, business or administrative wise, which is all for the pride of our common good. The youths are not left out, as we have on record successful youths who are massively doing well in their various fields, this we can boast of among the youth community in Enugu State, South East and even Nigeria at large. The aforementioned, this new executive/administration will consolidate on and even build and harness more through varying programmes and youth/people oriented activities

Having said the above, we want every youths to know that this is an administration for them anchored on the Peace, Unity and Progress of every youth, father and mother of Greater Awgu. The rights and welfare of every youths and indeed her populace remains paramount and a sine-qua-non . Greater Awgu is our home as we have no where to run to, so this administration will carry out activities that aims to build it and have maximum impact on the youths bearing in mind the peace and unity of the region. These we would achieve within our powers by uniting the youths and our leaders of the region across board

The time is YOUTH O' CLOCK and we are ready to take our destinies into our hands by ensuring that our future is well secured and making sure that the youths are well represented, just like every other youth leaders at different strata.

Thank you all for your maximum and unquantifiable support so far and like Oliver Twist we will keep asking for more. Be rest assured that this administration would be holistic as no decision would be taken without due consultation.

Congratulations to us all

God bless Greater Awgu

God bless Enugu West

God bless Enugu State

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Comr. Okolie Valentine Ebuka 

National President Greater Awgu Youth General Assembly (GAYGA)

Comr. Egbogu Augustine .O.

National Secretary General

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