Isiuzo Youth Congress Lauds Gov Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, Advocates for Political Justice | CABLE REPORTERS

The leadership of the apex youth organization in Isiuzo local government area, otherwise known as Isiuzo youth congress has commended his Excellency, Rt Hon Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi over his quality representation and developmental strides that cut across the Urban and rural areas of Enugu State.   

Comr, ThankGod  Ogenyi

The National President, Comr, ThankGod  Ogenyi while issuing an appraisal to the People's Governor, over his great antecedents and youth inclusion in governance, appreciate the Governor  for the gift of the PDP Party Chairman, the 17/17 of Enugu State, Rt Hon Augustin Nnamani and the most performing council mayor, Hon, Jacob Abonyi to the good people of Isiuzo local government. 

Speaking during a press release; the youth body through her National president asserts their dissatisfaction on the political imbalance and gimmicks that are being played against the good people of Isiuzo LGA since ever being ceded to Enugu East Senatorial Zone, Comr ThankGod asserts:

"Let us begin on a very painful note of recollection which still today traumatize our people to the point of occasionally questioning If Isiuzo local government is truly part of Enugu East constituency as we are being sidelined in the political precedes and process in Enugu State, all in the veil of others being core "Nkanu" than others."

"It is worthy to note, that  Enugu State exists on a tripod political constituency and not on a cultural affiliation or orientation. "

"It was in the light of the above that brought the then Governor and the incumbent Senator representing Enugu East Federal constituency, Dr Chimaroke Nnamani to power from 1999-2007( Enugu East constituency) ceded power to Barr Sullivan Chime in 2007-2015 (Enugu West Senatorial zone) and subsequently handed over power to the incumbent governor, His Excellency, Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in 2015- date ( Enugu North)"

"Based on the zoning formula, it is a clear reminder that it is the turn of Enugu East constituency to produce the next governor come 2023."

"However, Enugu East Senatorial Zone is made up of (6) local government areas, Nkanu East, Nkanu West, Isiuzo, Enugu South, Enugu North, and Enugu East LGAs."

"It's a pointer to the fact that Isiuzo is the most marginalized and neglected LG out of the Six local governments that made up the Nkanu Nation, despite our voting strength, commitment, and outstanding contributions to the state and the federal government."

"The other local governments have taken their equal shares of political appointments and elective positions at different times and levels.  It is only Isiuzo that stands out for the gubernatorial position come 2023."

"Below are the elective positions attained by the other 5 local government areas."

"Enugu South has produced a Senator, One time Senate President, A Minister, Chairman, and board members of federal and state agencies, and the First Executive Governor of Old Anambra State."

"Nkanu West LG has produced a Governor and a current serving Senator representing Enugu East Federal Constituency, A minister to the federal government, Federal Permanent Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Inspector general of Police."

"Nkanu East LG has produced two deputy Governors of Enugu State, A Minister, Secretary to the State government, Chairman and Members of boards of Federal and State agencies, etc."

"Enugu East local government has produced a two-term Senator, two members of the Federal House of Representative, the incumbent Speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly, the serving member representing Enugu East/ Isiuzo federal constituency in the house of representative, Vice-Chancellor of Enugu  State University, Enugu State Chief Judge for 5years, members of the board and State trustees. Just to mention but a few."

"Enugu North Local government has produced a governor, Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Held Federal government political appointments, and others."

"The rationale behind the above propositions is to make available to the general public the political imbalance being played against Isiuzo Local government area."

 "It is very clear and regrettable that Isiuzo is the only LG that has not held any relevant political position in the political affairs of the Enugu East Senatorial zone aside from being the PDP State Party Chairman. So why the intent hatred and injustice against Isiuzo Local government Or are they not part of Enugu East Constituency?"

"Let it be known that our respect for the rule of law, peace, and tranquility is a product of nurture as no human when pushed to the wall will remain human". 

"On a final note, We canll on the peace-loving Governor of Enugu State, Political stakeholders, and all Men of goodwill to consider zoning the gubernatorial ticket to Isiuzo Local government area come 2023 for balancing of interest and political Justice in Enugu East senatorial zone".

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