Nigeria Soldiers Escort Herdsmen To Ogun Villages, Torture Residents For Rejecting Herders | CABLE REPORTERS

 There is pressure in the Ketu-talking towns in the Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State after troopers accompanied herders to touch in the networks, and mistreated a few occupants with regards to the herders. 

The officers' activity has constrained conventional rulers and rulers in the influenced networks to compose a save-our-soul request to the Nigerian Army specialists requesting assurance from the badgering of troopers and herders 

Armed force specialists requesting security from the provocation of fighters and herders. 

As per TheNation, one of the casualties is Seye Mulero, who was seriously harmed in Ubeku town in Yewa North and is at present getting clinical treatment. 

The herders, who had left the town after the locals dismissed their proceeded with presence, unexpectedly reemerged at around 2 pm on December 19, 2020, with a small bunch of troopers from the 35 Artillery Brigade, Alamala, Abeokuta. 

The fighters set out directly toward the royal residence of the local area's customary ruler, Chief Olaleye Adigun, getting down on the townspeople and cautioning them against forestalling the expelled herders from getting back to the town. 

In this peculiar experience, Mulero told the troopers that the herders would not be permitted to stay locally as a result of their merciless killing of occupants and the obliteration of their farmlands lately. 

Mulero stated, "Everybody was scared by the activity and expressions of the troopers, yet I gathered the boldness to disclose to them how a Geography educator Mr. Yomi Akinola and two understudies of Community High School, Ibeku, among others, were slaughtered by the herders while our ladies were assaulted and executed on their approaches to the homestead." 

However, Mulero and Ubeku town were by all account not the only individual and territory that tasted the bile of the fighters who accompanied the herders in a military watch van starting with one town then onto the next. Honest indigenes of Iselu, Ibeku, Agbon-Ojodu, Asa and different towns were additionally badgering and attacked by the officers at the case of the herders. 

Subsequent to leaving Ubeku, the herders and the complicit officers moved to adjoining Asa, where they reenacted the Ubeku situation, making the hapless townspeople alarm. 

At Asa, the herders located Mulero's sibling, Gabriel Mulero, blaming him for being among the group that scoffed them after his sibling was thumped. 

There and afterward, the fighters held onto the young fellow, giving him some stunning slaps and kicking him brutally prior to whisking him away to an adjoining town, Agbon-Ojodu, where they dropped him off after elderly folks of the local area argued for his delivery. 

Stressed by the turn of events, rulers of the influenced networks appealed to the Nigeria Army over supposed conspiracy of its men with herders to attack and irritate townspeople. 

The rulers are the Oniggua of Iggualand, Oba Micheal Adeleye Dosumu; the Eselu of Iseluland, Oba Akintunde Ebenezer Akinyemi; and the Alademeso of Igan Alade, Oba Gabriel Olukunle Olalowo. 

The request named 'matter of desperation' dated January 7, 2021, endorsed by their legal advisor, Mr. Olaoluwa Folalu, was routed to the Brigade Commander of 35 Artillery Brigade, Alamala, Abeokuta.

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