#Op-ed: It's Time To Expose Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi "Gburu Gburu" Ugwuanyi; Governor Of Enugu State By Rich Onos |CABLE REPORTERS

Governance is an all inclusive affair, where the populace of a given State are the major Stake-holders; as these people are the Electorates- the Jury and the Judge with relative to the Leader's performance in office. Satisfying the Expectations of the people, is a very huge task. In this case of a State, Oppositions can even start peddling propagandas that the Governor is not working or even doing anything. But the simple truth is that, leading a State on its own, is a great job as every second in that office, there is work to be done. Overseeing a State, ensuring there is Security of Lives and Properties with meaningful Peace and Unity for Social-Economic-Political Growth, is the number one achievement and the top most Job Responsibility in Governance. Governor Ifeanyi "Gburu Gburu" Ugwuanyi has excelled tremendously in that area. This article is not for gain-saying or to massage the political ego of anybody, rather, it's to truly expose the Weaknesses and Strengths of "Gburu Gburu".

Governor Ugwuanyi's " presumed" Weaknesses are obvious and glaring for all to see. Firstly, he is Meek and Humble. In this part of the world, we are use to arrogant, abrasive and autocratic type of rulers. Invariably, you will be described as Weak when you are Meek and Humble, deciding you don't want to be a ruler but a Leader who would be benevolent enough to carry everyone along.

Secondly, "Gburu Gburu" is Compassionate and Kind. Again, this part of the world is use to "hard hearted and brutal" kind of rulers. Governor Ugwuanyi so have the people at heart that whenever any calamity befall the people, he would be gripped with compassion which sometimes leads him to shed tears and he would go all out to tackle the situation, fix things and return the people to normalcy, seeking the Face of God in the process like in the case of Ukpabi-nimbo, Uzo-uwani Local Govt. Area.

Also, "Gburu Gburu" doesn't attack Oppositions brutally or "deal" with them using the Security Agencies, rather, he tries to bring everyone together to work for the Greatness and Development of Enugu State. This gesture has brought relative Peace, Orderliness and Progress in Enugu State. He radiates Meekness, Humility, Compassion and Kindness from afar as he discharges his Duties and Democracy Dividends to the people. And this is being perceived as Weakness. The question now is, are these really weaknesses? I leave the answer to you.

Now, let's highlight Governor Ugwuanyi's Strengths:

Firstly, "Gburu Gburu" is Sensitive, Smart and Smooth. This is obvious in his handling the affairs and issues arising in Enugu State. He engages the "Sun Tzu's Art of War" strategies where he senses or smells trouble from afar and he is smart enough to shoot it down before it escalates. Besides, he does this with seemingly smoothness. Governor Ugwuanyi is a Smooth-talker and his words can terminate any chaotic intentions or situations. One of the reasons why Enugu State is relatively Peaceful and Unrest Free. A very Skilled-Negotiator who knows how to avoid a war and win a war without firing a "gun-shot".

In addition, Governor Ugwuanyi is Bold, Courageous and provides lasting solutions in the face of challenges. He is very Intelligent, Wise, Calm and Calculative. These are major attributes a Chief Executive must possess in handling the resources and affairs of a State. These are evident in his Instructions, Directions and Policy Making- which always turns out to be Job Creation base. Few instances are: there came a time when some unscrupulous miscreants where maurading various communities in Enugu State maiming and kidnapping people. " Gburu Gburu" showed Courage and Boldness, stood up to them, created one of the best Security Architecture (Code Name- Forest Guards) in this country; involving the Security Agencies, Traditional Rulers, the Locals and other Stake-holders, equipping them for optimal productivity. This Direction proved to be very Intelligent and Calculative as it created lots of Jobs(at least 100 Forest Guards were employed in each Local Govt. Area. When you multiply 100 by the 17L.G.As in the State, that is at least 1,700 Jobs not including other indirect jobs created) and this arrested the situation thereby enthroning Security and Peace in various communities. Another instance is that Governor Ugwuanyi envisioned Orderliness and Decorum amongst road users- private and commercial. This brilliant vision, led to the creation of MOT( Ministry of Transport Traffic Enforcers); resulting in Massive Employment. Also,  "Gburu Gburu" conceived a clean and serene environment. This wise conception gave birth to massive jobs as people were employed to clean the Streets, Roads, Drainages in the wee of the morning everyday. And we all know that Cleanliness is next to Godliness- one of the reasons why Enugu State is in the hands of God! These instances are just to mention but few.

Furthermore, another Strength of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; is his ability, capability and capacity to work tirelessly round the clock steering the Ship of Enugu State towards increasing Greatness. "Gburu Gburu" rolls up his sleeves and leads the way when it comes delivering democracy dividends to the people. His Predecessors concentrated on developing the Urban areas of the state where you have the learned and the elites which is very commendable but "Gburu Gburu" in his First term in office, made it a point of duty to take Development and Government presence to the Grass-root Rural Communities and some parts of the Urban areas. Now, in this second term, Governor Ugwuanyi is consolidating full-scale Developments between the Urban and Rural areas in Enugu State.

Aside from the fact that Governor Ugwuanyi ensures prompt payment of workers salary (N30,000 minimum wage plus 13th Month Payment); this article is not to basically highlight his great feats so far in office but to expose the person of Governor Ugwuanyi, as succinctness would fail me to start reeling out the landslide achievements and feats of Governor Ifeanyi "Gburu Gburu" Ugwuanyi's Administration in Business Developments(Trainings; SME Loans, Agro Loans, etc); Massive Infrastructural Developments (Housing, Good Road Network of Over 400km, Internal road connections; Street Lights, Water, etc); Healthcare Delivery (Medical Diagnostic Centres; Poly Clinic and Community Health Centres, etc); Educational Development (Over 276 Classroom Blocks, 12,480 Writing Desks, 868 Teachers' Tables and Chairs, Computers, Libraries and Science Labs, etc) and many more achievements but I do promise to give you the details in a follow up article. "Gburu Gburu's" achievements in office, defiles naysayers and creates everlasting footprints in the Land of Enugu. His great works and feat will always speak for him.

The Enugu State Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi "Gburu Gburu" Ugwuanyi has been exposed in this article. Even in his "so called weaknesses", lies his greatest strength. Also, let it be clear that Governor Ugwuanyi's Meekness, Humility, Compassion and Kindness should not be taken for granted as he shows his " Lionic Nature" when necessary. A little display of that nature has got banners flying all over the state of the Ogbete Market Association pleading for mercy and re-opening of the Ogbete Market. And I can't wrap up this article without exposing the source of these attributes which is "the Fear of God". That was why on assumption of office in May29th, 2015; he sounded it loud and clear that "Enugu State is in the Hands of God"!!!

It indeed ended in Praise!

.... Now the Praise continues!

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