Those Who Take #COVID19 Vaccine Have Agreement With Satan — Pastor Chris Okotie | CABLE REPORTERS


The Pastor of Household of God Church International Ministries, Chris Okotie has described as satanic the inoculation of COVID-19 vaccine while giving his submission on the drug.


The preacher asserted that anyone who takes a jab of COVID-19 vaccine has entered an agreement with the devil.

“You do not understand the spiritual import but now you know. So when you eat that genetically modified food that you eat and take the vaccine, you’ve entered communion with Satan, with Lucifer. And that communion involves blood.


“Now, since the blood of Jesus is not what is talking about, or what he has to offer, he will require you to seek blood somewhere else. And the only place where you can find blood is in another human being. So one of the things that the vaccine will make you do is to become a vampire who needs to drink blood for sustenance,” Okotie said.

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