Who Ever That Calls Isi Ụzọ Nsukka, Needs A Psychiatric Attention, Group Insists | CABLE REPORTERS

Sebastine Chukwuebuka Okafor

The leadership of Ka Isi Ụzọ jee political movement has Frowned at the notion of some paid political elements to de-market the stake of the local government in Enugu East political formula by tagging them NSUKKA people.

In a statement made by the National Cordinator of ka isi Ụzọ jee's political movement and the Enugu North local government 's caretaker committee Secretary of the All Progressives Congress,(APC) Hon Sebastine Chukwuebuka Okafor (Bookastro) and released to newsmen on Monday, he stated that, such people are either products of paid political propaganda or people that have incurable disdain for the truth and Reality.

According to Hon Sebastine," ISI ụzọ cannot by any means be called Nsuka even based on cultural practices and ancestral history.

" How can someone call an Eha Amufu, Isu, Neke, Ikem, Mgbuji, Umualor man, an Nsukka man? It is the Height of insults and an attempt to create an unnecessary political tension in the state because, the call to produce an Enugu Governor from Isi ụzọ is gradually gaining weight on daily basis, as it is something whose time has come.

The group also questioned why Nkanu youth groups would include Isi ụzọ as part of them and equally, exclude them during caucus discussions, calling them " aimless hunters".

"The people championing the ludicrous Campaign against Isi Ụzọ chances of producing the next Governor of Enugu State are mostly some leadership crippled Nkanu youth groups that feeds on deceit and lies just to be relevant.

" They want to take it all forgetting that their grand fathers were at helm of the political scheming that brought about Isi Ụzọ just to make Enugu East senatorial zone to have 6 local government areas and usurp the Enugu West zone who has 5"


That isi ụzọ have a boundary with some parts of Udenu by which some villages from the said local government was drafted into it, does not make them Nsuka neither did it make them Benue as they also share boundaries with otomkom, igumale and so on.

" Those Calling Ịsi Ụzọ Nsukka without calling Amagunze, Nkerefi Amechi idodo, owo, Nara and Nomeh Ebonyi are inifinitesimal mountebanks  , because some communities in these towns speak Ebonyi Languages while others pay ancestral homage to Ntegbe in Awgu. 

" But because of sentiments, no body remembers that, all they want is to beat who ever that mentions isi ụzọ in gubernatorial contest that favours Enugu East  senatorial zone in 2023." 

The group however, warned that, should the 2023 gubernatorial contest be shifted to something that propaganda's would become a viable tool in actualising, that they have all the necessary arsenal to match whoever that is the originator.

"Enugu zoning system was adopted because of Equity so as to allow every body to have a shot at the supreme leadership of the state"

"Since Nkanu and  Ngwo have had their own shot at the seat in the time past, This time is the turn of Isi Ụzọ to balance the sharing formula".

"isi Ụzọ have a lot of qualified hands that can make Enugu a state to behold in continuation of the giant strides achieved by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi hence, the need to support them so as to have a better Enugu".

"The contest is not a propaganda thing but should it be used, we have enough materials to beat any body hands down and make ndị Enugu to elect a Governor from Ịsi ụzọ come 2023"

"The Quest is a mission of justice backed up with divine wisdom as Enugu people are now shouting," Ka Isi Ụzọ Jee"

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