Group Faults Resolutions Of Bar. Ogara Led APC Meeting, Says Enugu APC Zoning Stands | CABLE REPORTERS

The Leadership of the Concerned Members of the All Progressives Congress APC Enugu State has rejected the resolution of the meeting held by some stakeholders of the Party from  Enugu North Senatorial Zone, which equally cancelled the zoning arrangements that were previously made by Ben Nwoye led caretaker committee.

The Group which consists of mainly the founding members of the Party in Enugu State wonders reputable leaders of the Party would stoop so low to make such a regressive and ludicrous decision.

Recall that on Sunday, May 3rd, some of the leaders of the Party from Enugu North Senatorial zone held a meeting and called the decisions earlier taken by the State caretaker Executive committee on zoning as illegal that amounts to nullity, because, the zone was not properly consulted.

In a statement made on Monday by the Groups Publicity Secretary, Prof Mike Odoh, he wondered why such an anti-progressive statement and decisions could be taken in Barr George Ogara's residence, a man he described as "a strong advocate of zoning" who had once fought Chief Ben Eche at the Party's National Secretariat in Abuja when he wanted to subvert APC Enugu's zoning arrangements a few years back.

According to  Prof Odoh, "The concerned APC members are worried about the recent resolution of our Party members in Enugu North Senatorial zone, where the decisions taken by the  Party's Caretaker State Executive Committee on zoning were rejected and called unconstitutional". "

" We are not just surprised but also shocked at the involvement of one of our reputable leaders, Barr George Ogara" who had fought Chief Ben Eche sometime in Abuja over the latter's move to subvert the zoning arrangement of the Party in Enugu State "

" It is very embarrassing for our hero of zoning to turn back and talk against it"

" Our Leader should be wary of the kind of feud such decisions could cause to the Party in the State and avoid being used by some PDP strangers, who has never shown any commitment in APC affairs since their acceptance into the Party, to rubbish his image. "

" We are also surprised at how our distinguished  leader could be swooped into having an unconstitutional Zonal meeting that elected a Zonal Party Chairman with gross disregard to our Party's constitution"

"It is laughable, inappreciable, and thus not acceptable."

The Group also called for caution in the process of selecting APC ward, Local Government and State Leadership in the State to avoid, putting people with catastrophic tendencies that are always ready to destroy the Party, because they have nothing to lose.

"We are  seriously disturbed as founding members of this Party over a pending infiltration of the Party by moles whose priority is to cause fracas and keep the Party in disarray till after elections."

"We need to be very careful with our choice of Party Leaders at the ward, Local Government and State Level to avoid domination by intelligencers sent to disturb our peace."

"We hereby reiterate our commitment in supporting the decisions of the State Executive Caretaker Committee led by Barr Dr Ben Nwoye on zoning and urge our brothers from other zones to support the said decisions and allow the supremacy of the Party to reign. "

" We equally urge the State Party Leadership to find a diplomatic way of resolving the issue and also called for calmness on the side of our members and Leaders from Enugu West who may have felt very insulted by the decisions taken by our brothers from Enugu North Senatorial zone; as any unwholesome move could cause uncontrollable conundrum for the Party in Enugu State"

"Let all our genuine leaders not be deceived especially, those at the grassroots, who are the leaders of the Party and image promoter" The statement concludes.

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