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Barr.  Duke Nwafor

"Not the cry,but the flight of a wild duck,leads the flock to fly and follow" -Chinese Proverb

As the current economic and security state of our nation begs for solutions,it raises a leadership question of capacity and capability of our leaders in securing our lives and properties. It therefore behooves the electorates  to go beyond political interests to choosing leaders with capacity to lead and a consummate desire to serve.

From the federal to the local government,who we elect into various positions remains a determining factor in our pursuit for development.Therefore, the capacities and capabilities of aspiring political leaders should be the focal point of the key players and electorates in choosing who leads or represents them.

Nations that seeks to be ranked in the files of developed countries must encounter economic and security challenges before they can birth a nation that is secured for all to live and actualize their dreams. But such Nations  who rose from instabilities to full blown developed nations had leaders who drew from their wealth or bank of knowledge of leadership.

It was Publilius Syrus who said that "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm". But when the storm is raging as it does today, capacity is what it takes to hold the helm and manipulate the ship to a safe harbor.

The need for capacity in todays leadership cannot be over emphasized, especially in times like these.

As we seek solutions to the current situation of our nation,we must go beyond political camps and favouritism to look for leaders who have built capacity enough to hold the helm when the storm is raging and possess the capability to be saddled with the responsibility to lead and show the way. It is said that if you give a small man (a man with little or no capacity) a big responsibility,he will reduce it to his own diminutive size.

It took former president Jerry Rawlings to set Ghana on fast lane of development. It took a passionate Nelson Mandela to rebrand South Africa.These men were not just leaders,they were leaders with amazing elastic capacities.

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born,that there is a genetic factor to leadership,infact the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.-Warren Bennis

Such leaders with capacities are to be helped to power from the local government levels,where they can rijig the system, birth for us a leadership that works for all.

As the local government election draws near,and 2023 general election gets close,the search for leaders with capacities should be intensified.

Hon.Duke Chid Nwafor stands as a quintessential leader with elastic capacity. 

The Duke of the south as he is fondly called by his political Ally's and admirers hails from Nkpoffia in Obeagu Awkunanaw Enugu South Local Government.A humble compassionate and people oriented leader whose passion to serve makes him the Primus interpares.

Hon Duke Chidi Nwafor had his secondary School at the foremost Uwani boys secondary school. After his secondary School education,the Southern Duke,for his hunger for self development, proceeded to Bexley College,Kent,United Kingdom where he obtained a diploma in law. Duke with a consummate desire to understand the workings of government and the justice of law, proceeded further to the University of East London,where he bagged  a degree in law with International poltics.

 Duke served in various organizations in the United Kingdom and has carefully understudied the British system of achieving growth and development.

While at the United Kingdom,Duke participated passionately  in the evolving democratic dispensation of our dear nation through active participation on the Nigerians in diaspora platforms.

In Dukes quest to build his father land,he returned to Nigeria to contribute his quota.He indicated interest in the administration of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,to join hands with his amiable governor and contribute his quota in securing the heritage of democracy.

Hon Duke was on 13th January 2020 appointed as the deputy chairman of Enugu South Local Government.At the expiration of Duke's tenure as the D'mayor,the executive governor of our dear state having seen the elastic nature of Duke's capacity and the industrous mindset of the southern Duke, appointed him his Special Assistance on Special Duties on 3rd June 2020 (a position given to those whose capacities and capabilities are tested and trusted).

Hon.Duke Chdi Nwafor enjoys the love of his community members and an unparalleled loyalty of the youths of the state across board.

Duke continues to spread  love and contribute to Nation building. His integration with the youths continues to make him a great and unique leader.

Over Duke's stay in the United Kingdom,his active participation in the leadership of Nigerians in diaspora helped him to build a sophisticated political network with the political bigwigs accross the Nigerian state.

As the local government elections draw near and 2023 general election draw close,Hon. Duke Chidi Nwafor remains a well adorned political bride for the stakeholders and electorates to woo into executive positions.

Let capacity and capability be our deciding factor.

Victor Ifeanyi Okoh (writes from Enugu South.)

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