#Opinion: A Wake Up Call By Chukwu Emmanuel Uchechukwu | CABLE REPORTERS

I strongly believe people have the right to air out their opinions but what is the use of your opinion if you are going to use it to slander a person?

If you want to talk, focus on the work not the person, you can also make suggestions, coming for the head of the person in the name of criticism is destructive and not healthy at all.

Destructive criticism can be defined as criticism performed with the intention to harm someone, derogate and destroy someone's creation, prestige, reputation and self esteem. The funny thing about life is that there will always be people to criticize you destructively irrespective of what you are doing and our Governor His Excellency Ifeanyi Uwguanyi is not left out on this.

Despite his resounding achievements, some people chose to close their eyes to the magnificent shape and form Enugu state is taking.

Ifeanyi Uwguanyi I'll say is a man who understands that true leadership is serving, he's a man who understands the risk of engagement and rules of politics. He's a man who has continued to warm himself into the heart of people by opening his doors and giving listening ears to those who needed to be heard.

He has successfully made peace a lifestyle in Enugu state. In recent times, different chaos has been recorded in States across the nation but not in Enugu because for peace to be achieved in a state, it requires accountable governance.

The governor has made it possible for many things to come into place that'll favour the state which includes;


 The ninth mile crush water scheme at Udi, Enugu state, now undergoing rehabilitation which is said to deliver 28,000 cubic meter of water daily to provide supplies for residents of Enugu metropolis.


Another like no other is the unveiling of coal city fellowship, an innovative platform to enable young minds in the state to harness their intellectual potential and achieve their life's aspirations.


The state government under the leadership of his Excellency Ifeanyi Uwguanyi, took development to rural areas by asking communities for projects they considered important to them which he provided the needed support for those projects to be accomplished.


Many people would agree with me that the country's economic challenge which has adversely affected the state's allocation from federal account and limited funds needed to attend to development issues, this major challenge affected so many states to the extent of not paying their workers but that was not the case of Enugu state even though the economic challenge became a threat to what the governor has planned to achieve in Enugu. Enugu state amidst this challenges had neither oil or advantage of hosting industrial clusters which states like Lagos and Rivers has, yet an organization known as Budgi T named Enugu as part of the states along side Lagos and Rivers as the only state in Nigeria meeting their obligations especially by paying workers promptly. The governor could achieve this because he remained focused and determined to make Enugu state a safe haven of peace, security, impartiality and social investment.


Show me a man that can easily do all of this, still doing and willing to do more. If there's something you feel you need to suggest, find a better medium and not slander a man that has the best interest of the state at heart.

      To our Governor, the work you are doing in Enugu is commendable. it is said that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, you are bound to face obstacles including from the people you are fighting in their favor, it shouldn't deter you, rather use it as a stepping stone and an encouragement base to continue your good works in Enugu state and take the state to the height you've always wanted it to be.

Enugu state is still in the hands of God

Chukwu Emmanuel uchechukwu writes from Akpugo, Nkanu west local government Area.

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