We Are Not Unknown Gunmen, FGN Is Unknown Gunmen - #ESN New Commander. - Chidi Cali | CABLE REPORTERS


Once more my name is Osita Nwokosisi. I am now the Commander 2 of ESN. This is a clarion call to Ndigbo. In the name of God and whatever you worship I appeal to you to listen to me. 

ESN is not Unknown gunmen. We have no hands in the shootings of policemen and army officers. We have no hands in the Awkuzu killings. We did not kill anyone in Ozubulu. 

We cannot point a gun at a fellow Igbo. We cannot slit the the throat of women and children of any ethnic group, no matter the provocation. We are not barbaric animals! Above all, we are not criminals. ESN hereby disassociate ourselves from the carnage in Igbo land. 

Who are unknown gunmen?

The Federal government sponsored the deadly Fulani killers and the Al Shabaab from Mogadishu to cause mayhem in the South East. Their intent is to overun the Igbo nation. 

The South East, especially Anambra State has been surrounded by these people. They are the ones doing these shootings. The Governors are aware of this fact but it is too late for them to act now. 

A horrible genocide, never heard of in history is about to befall Ndigbo. They planted Fulani's at the helm of  the security outfits all over the South East with the mandate to fulfil their Jihadist agenda. Please investigate if you doubt. 

There are 3 steps to Fulani Jihadists.

1. They disarm their victims.

2. They destroy their security network and instill fear in their victims.

3. They attack when the security is porous.

They have achieved number 1 when they mopped up guns in the East, leaving herders with AK47! They have achieved number 2 by maliciously shooting police, army and destabilizing ESN. 

They have carted away and killed countless Igbo youths right under our noses. They have totally destroyed the security in the South East. The next thing is for the Inspector General to wilfully withdraw the police and army from the South East to pave way for Fulani occupation. They will attack at any time. 

*Why have they not caught these unknown gunmen?

*Why do the gunmen shoot only well trained and active IGBO soldiers and policemen?

*Why have they never been confronted  and apprehended?

*Why do they catch and slaughter vibrant Igbo youths in the name of shooting ESN members who they have never seen?

Stop the Fulani occupation of Igbo land!!!

I call on all the governors and stakeholders to rise up and defend Igbo land or watch as your people are slaughtered and their corpses used as pyramids by these evil souls. 

Do not think you are safe from the oncoming carnage.

I call on Igbos in diaspora to help save their people or you will not have a home to come back to.

 I call on the International Communities to help prevent this evil people from wiping out Ndigbo from the face of the earth.

 I call on every Igbo man, woman, boy, girl to rise up and protect yourselves. Do not die like cowards. We survive by fighting these evil men to the last man. We shall not die! Igbos are no cowards. Prepare to defend yourself, your family and your community. 

Arise for Ndigbo!

Arise for AlaIgbo

Arise for our children!

Arise for our heritage. 

Be vigilant 

Be ready.

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