Enugu APC Ward Chairmen, Stakeholders And Others Drum Support For Comrade AC Ude | CABLE REPORTERS

The Politics and scheming about who becomes the next State chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC in Enugu State is gradually reaching to the apex, since the Party's National Caretaker committee brought out the approved Dates for Congresses; after the approval of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Party in Enugu State had on Thursday 24th June 2021, organised a meeting, where all the State Chairmanship aspirants had an interactive session with the ward caretaker committee chairmen and State caretaker Executive committee.

The event had in attendance, some of the State Chairmanship aspirants which includes : Chief Benson Eze, Hon Water Oji, Dr Charlesh Chukwu, Ebubedike na mpu, Engnr Obed Eneh and  Comrade Adolphus Ude. 

Fidel Ayogu on his part, did not participate as he took permissions from the State Caretaker committee chairman while other aspirants like :Timothy Amahand, Hon CNN did not show up.

One of the Party's Abuja based Leader who is very close to the presidency, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity because, he wouldn't want to cause panic amongst the aspirants ; when questioned stated that, they are still watching the scenario but will surely go for somebody with a grassroot acceptance and knowledge of the Party.

He stated that President Muhammadu Buhari's bottom-up approach in political Party politics is what they will adopt and adhere to and if done, Comrade AC UDE will win. 

"We are still analysing the aspirants with great vigour because, we would not  want to make the mistake of giving an" anyhow" person our State Party Leadership"

"what we need is someone that is APC in and out, someone that can Mobilise even if given meagre resources, Someone who has the time to relate with the grassroots and the Party Leaders at top"

"The truth is that, Comrade AC Ude is the one that can do that, because, he understands the political history of the Party in Enugu, knows how to organize and coordinate with the grassroots"

"For now, he has my support because, he is the Right man for the Job"

In another development, one of the top financiers of the Party in the State whose closest aide spoke to us says, his Boss will support Comrade AC Ude because, the Party does not want someone that would Leave them should  they miss out on seat of  presidency.

He stated that though some Party Leaders may not like him but the grassroots in the Party does.

"The truth is that almost all the aspirants has one reason or the other based on antecedents not to be the Chairman but that one called Ac Ude is the one that my boss has decided to support"

"This is because to him, Enugu APC does not need political prostitutes who may likely defect if APC loose the Presidential election"

"They need a Party person that can project, promote, propagate and protect the Party at all times and that person to my boss is Comrade AC Ude" 

Also Speaking to our newsmen on the condition of anonymity because of his position in the Party, one of the major media veterans of the Party in State who is equally a member of the State caretaker Executive committee, stated that out of all the aspirants that interacted with them and the ward chairmen, that only Comrade AC Ude showed more vision and articulate.

He asserted that, he displayed with great confidence, his knowledge of the Party, knowledge of Enugu political history as well as intellectualism.

"Comrade AC Ude was very smart, composed and articulate"

"From his presentation, it was clear that he is a core Party person who have done verifiable works for the Party before and now"

 Comrade AC Ude is more a grassroot person than others which is why i will support him"

"The only thing that can stop Comrade AC Ude now is God because, those who are against him, failed in their quest for the cancellation of the zoning arrangement made by Dr Ben Nwoye's led State caretaker Executive committee"

The Coordinator of the Grassroot support for APC, Chief Harry Mba, on his own part stated that, the grassroot needs their own to climb the throne.

He posited that out of all the aspirants that only one has toured round the wards and local Government soliciting for their support and that person is Comrade AC Ude.

"We at the grassroot cannot make the mistake of electing somebody or people that we did not know"

"We only know Comrade AC Ude and so far, he is the one that we can support"

"it is very clear that others are not coming to protect our interest but to use us as their ATM"


"It is about one on one interaction with the grassroot which AC ude (Jagaban) is the only person that has done it"

"We can never allow that to happen because, we are tired of being in opposition and the only way to win election is to get a popular state chairman and that person is Comrade AC Ude"

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