We Have Seen The Future Of Enugu's APC In Comrade AC Ude, Says Apc Ward Chairmen | CABLE REPORTERS

Some of the Ward caretaker committee chairmen of the All Progressives Congress APC in Enugu State as well as the State excos, have expressed their satisfaction over the quality of Comrade AC Ude alias the Jagaban, after a thorough one on one interaction on Thursday, with all the State Chairmanship aspirants of the Party.

The meeting which was called by the State caretaker committee chairman of the Party, Barr Dr Ben Nwoye, had in attendance, all the 260 ward chairmen, the members of the state caretaker Executive committee which also consist of the 27  State Executives, 17 Local Government Party Chairmen and Secretaries, which provided an opportunity for the state Chairmanship aspirants such as: Comrade Adolphus Ude, Chief Benson Eze, Hon Walter Oji, Engnr Obed Eneh, Dr Charles Chukwu, Ebubedike na Mpu amongst others to tell the core owners of the Party, their ideas and intentions for them.

Speaking under the aegis of  the United Progressives Chairmen's Forum, which is a group that unites all the Ward chairmen of the Party in Enugu State, Hon Mike Ogbuanya, said, they were shocked that, Most of the people contesting to lead the Party, doesnt have what it takes, but playing their cards on sentiments and hopes on being delivered by Godfathers.

He posited that, the only true charismatic Leader amongst them, that displayed vision, energy and altruistic motives was Comrade AC Ude.

According to him"

It is very regrettable that we still have some people aspiring to lead our Party on the alter of sentiments and Godfatherism"

"They lack the knowledge of how Party activities are run as well as how to carter for the grassroots"

"Out of all the aspirants that spoke to us today, Comrade AC Ude, was distinguished"

"He showed that he is a Party grassroot person, an advocate of bottom-up approach of President Muhammadu Buhari, a political formula that makes the Party grassroot People's thing and not for selected few who lacks the support of the people"

"After his wonderful presentation, we decided to adopt and support amongst others"

"APC Enugu will go far with him as he will consolidate on the outstanding performances of Barr Dr Ben Nwoye's led administration"

"AC UDE is the Future of Enugu APC"

Another Group by name by name : APC G34, said that they have adopted Comrade AC Ude as their sole candidate as from their meticulous  observation, it was Clear that it is AC UDE and Others.

When questioned about his growing support by the Grassroot in the State, Comrade AC Ude, who spoke through his campaign Director, Hon Barr Kingsley UG Okeke, said that, It is the handwork of God because, God and the grassroot are the ones who owns the Party and not man.

He stated that, with the support of the grassroot by which he is running to protect their interest, that APC Enugu State, will transverse into the next level.

He also reiterated his commitment in taking the Party to electoral Victory if made the state Chairman which he said, will transform the grassroots people into becoming key decision makers in the Affairs of the Party.

"What we intend to do is to make the ward chairmen very relevant that Party members will be consulting them in line with President Muhammadu Buhari 's bottom-Up principle of Party politics"

"The ward is the grassroot and must be consulted for recommendation of any body to ensure that core party people are the ones rewarded, who would in turn, help in building the Party"

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