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There is an ongoing Leadership turmoil Bedevilling Enugu State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC, as the honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeàmà, who Assembled a meeting of his Enugu West Senatorial Zone in another zone has been lambasted for what can be described as verbal delinquency.

The Minister who was reported to have called APC and President Muhammadu Buhari a joke, during the said meeting, where he sidelined most of the key grassroots leaders, by which majority of were the foundation members of the Party, has been rebuked.

The Leadership of the APC LEADERS FORUM has called the Minister, an infinitesimal mountebank with an incurable disdain for progress.

They were awed at how a person in such an exalted position could utter such Words while being the major instrument of disunity in the Party due to his naivety in Party political activities.

The APC Enugu Leaders Forum in a statement released on Monday by her National Secretary Dr Charles Ogbu (PhD) called the statements attributed to the Minister as an affront on the Party as well as Presidency.

They posited that the Minister is yet to ask for forgiveness following his anti Party activities in the state that included his negotiation of 7%votes for APC during the president's reelection amongst other things.

"We are vehemently annoyed by the ludicrous statement made by Geoffrey Onyeàmà.

"Unfortunately, the Party that all of us suffered to build and our president was called a joke, the Minister has insulted the people who formed and carried bullets for this Party during her formative years like Chief Osita Okechukwu, Barr Okey Ezea, Dr Ben Nwoye, Comrade AC Ude, General JOJ okolagu, Chief Emma Enukwu, Barr Peter Okonkwo amongst others.

"Geoffrey Onyeàmà was not there when we were called a Bokoharam Party and Party of ritualists, to an extent that mọst of our members then were seen as a corpse"

"it is the prerequisite of Mr President to appoint his Ministers but When Geoffrey Onyeama was appointed, he was not a card-carrying member of APC, but the people he called jokers provided him with the membership card and all other documents for screening, if we are as so, would we have helped him scale the screening? "

The Group also asked for his contributions towards the people that he called jokers.

" Since APC Enugu are jokers, what has the honourable Minister Done for the growth of the Party since 2015? "

" The Party State secretariat has a renewable yearly rent has the Minister ever contributed any dime to offset the bills? It has been Emperor Baywood Ibeh who has been doing justice to that to ensure that the Party's growth is not stalled. "

" Geoffrey Onyeama has not provided even a branded vehicle for APC in Enugu neither has he empowered any of member, apart from his Onyeama dynasty Family and PDP members of which one is Mrs Regina Amahelu, who he recommended and was appointed a Board chairperson of Alvan Ikoku College of Education."

" Let him also mention one APC person that he has supported to get a contract in his office or any meaningful thing he has done for the growth of the Party apart from sowing the seed of disharmony amongst the once peaceful APC Enugu members "

" It was on record that, his Romance with Enugu State PDP, prompted the Governor to construct a road leading to his house as part of their agreement to destabilise the Party "

The Group also stated that the Party was more united and formidable before his arrival than since he entered, calling him an agent of disunity in APC Enugu State, who should test his popularity at his Ward and emerge as a delegate first in the forthcoming ward Congresses in line with President Muhammadu Buhari's bottom-up political Party Leadership principles.

They also accused him of collecting money from the State Government to destabilise the Party. 

" Enugu APC was once an enviable union of brothers Until Geoffrey Onyeàmà came in and started fictionalising the Party"

"He has done more harm to the party than any other person because of his asinine activities" 

"The meeting of Enugu West leaders that he called yesterday in Enugu East Senatorial zone, was sponsored by the State Government, who even provided the private security guards that he used to chase out the grassroots leaders"

"We want to remind him that we are ready for him during the forthcoming Congresses, let him go to his Ward and win to be part of the delegates; else, he would just come as an observer"

"He could not even observe a minute of  silence for his deceased zonal vice chairman but was bold to insult the Party and President Muhammadu Buhari"

"He is just a cockalorum, snollygoster  and pillock, who will soon meet his political doom"

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