#7YearsOldGirl: Enugu State Female Comrades Visits TAMARSAC On A Fact-Finding Mission | CABLE REPORTERS

 Early last week, the association of Enugu Female Comrades continued with their follow up on the 7-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by her grandmother who used the minor as a sex worker.

The Association led by their President Dr. Goodness Nwabueze paid a fact finding visit to TARMASAC Enugu where according to the report obtained by CABLE REPORTERS, they learnt from the officials of the Enugu state ministry that the child is alive, have undergone needed medical examination and that she's confirmed medically okay.

Speaking to the newsmen after the meeting, The President informed that they equally learnt that the Minor who hails from Ezzagu local government of the state has been longed abandoned by her biological mother, who resides in Lagos with other members of their family.

She expressed displeasure that even at a time like this, the mother had visited Enugu only last week and left for Lagos immediately without even attempting to see any official nor her child

"We have confirmed that she's a native of Enugu state from Ezeagu local government, she has passed through all needed test by competent medical practitioners and we are glad that the result is okay, she's is medically fine"

"The woman is a disappointment to motherhood, how could she abandon the daughter even at this horrible period just because of her job, is the job now more important to her?, She didn't even make any attempt to seeing the child she made pass through this horrific events due to her irresponsible parenting "

To ensure that justice is adequately done, the Association of Enugu Female comrades after presenting the gift they came with informed TAMARSAC of their willingness to join the suit as they will be having their lawyer join the prosecution of the alleged rapist and the grandmother who has been remanded in Enugu Prison.

Dr. Goodness equally informed newsmen that they will be following up on the case and that they will be putting the public of known to the date of the trials so that they witness.

Emphasising that such inhuman treatment of girls will not stand in Enugu State.

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