Stop Abusing President Muhammadu Buhari,Group Warns Minister | CABLE REPORTERS

As series of issues come up everyday ahead of the forth coming Congresses of the All Progressives Congress APC, the honorable Minister of foreign Affairs, Hon Geoffrey Onyeama, has been accused of being an agent of chaos in the Enugu State Chapter of the Party.

Recall that the Leadership of the APC LEADERS FORUM had on Friday, called on the echelon of the Party, to as a matter of urgency, warn Senator Ken Nnamani, to abstain from the use of President Muhammadu Buhari's name to lie for his selfish gains, which was thereafter, followed by a release of the ex- Senate President's campaign posters: an act which gave credence to the accusations.

However, a strong political Group in the Party known as the Reformed Enugu APC Professionals, a group that is made up of reputable technocrats gathered across different fields of their endeavours in the 17 local Government of the State as well as the Federation .

In a statement that was released to Newsmen on Sunday in Abuja, which was signed  by the Group's Coordinator and Publicity Secretary , Pharm Michael Nnamani and Chief Barr Ahmed Chika Ossai, they stated that, Geoffrey Onyeama has been anti APC in Enugu and doing everything possible to mare their electoral fortunes.

They wonder why the minister has fragrantly  refused to acknowledge the Leadership of APC in Enugu, even when it was Clear that, he does not have the political will and tenacity to win elections.

"We are seriously bothered by the infantile crisis That the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs has been causing in APC Enugu State."

"As professionals, we see this act as very shameful with a yet to be identified agenda because, the Party has been United and all the pending issues resolved."

"So, What is the problem of Geoffrey Onyeama? Someone who has been joyously delivering his polling units to the PDP, someone who used all the campaign funds meant for Buhari to negotiate for 11% of the votes in 2019, someone who cannot mention the number of polling units in his wards talk more of the local Government "

" It is always annoying seeing all these his nefarious actions that are against peace and Unity in APC Enugu State, because, he has never participated in any political Party formation or played any opposition politics, to know the intricacies involved "

The Group also accused the Honorable Minister of calling for a  Party meeting of Enugu West Senatorial zone with an intention of using President Muhammadu Buhari's name, to lie and deceive the people, just to satify his selfish interest without involving any organ of the Party .

They posited that, the Honorable Minister wants to tell the Enugu West people about his Senatorial ambition with claims that, President Muhammadu Buhari sent him to contest for Senate in 2023 and are also disturbed at why Enugu West meeting would be called in Enugu East Senatorial zone by the Minister. 

"Geoffrey Onyeama is biting what he cannot chew"

"calling of meetings by himself instead of through the already established Party Leadership is a sign that he Needs psychiatric attention and cautioning thereafter" 

"Everybody in Enugu APC are not cowards, he wants to run for Senate with a concocted  story of being endorsed by President Muhammadu Buhari"

"Where is it done that  a political Senatorial district meeting would be called in another Senatorial Zone?"

The Reformed Enugu APC professionals went further to outline some critical questions that the Honorable Minister needs to answer, before having any political ambition. 

According to them" The Hon Minister should mention any  Party member that he has empowered if not the PDP Members and his grand Father's Dynasty (onyeama) ?

"The only Board chairman that he recommended in the recent appointments, who was appointed and posted to Alvan Ikoku College of Education, is his Direct sister by name :Regina Queen Amehelu, who has never participated in any of our Party activities neither does she even know the full meaning of APC"

"what then do you call such act if not selfishness?"

"The Hon Minister also connived with Sen Ken Nnamani to give the latter's direct brother" Nnamani Onyemuche" another juicy position in Police Service Commission as well as removing the Ambassadorial slot meant for Enugu West and gave it to Sen Ken's other brother, Ugwu. "

" He gave the South East Office to his sister by name Princess Ada Ogbu to manage alone"

The group however warned that, if the honorable Minister who they said, has no political Value in the State is not cautioned, that the Party will experience an epoch crisis.

"We want the National Leadership of APC, to caution the Minister and call him to order"

"He should stop using Buhari's name to deceive the Party Faithfuls to extent of negotiating with PDP during elections in the name of doing it for Buhari"

"APC Enugu State is in support of President Muhammadu Buhari's bottom-up political Party structure approach and will always abide by it without prejudice"

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