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Since the confirmation of the various dates for Congresses in the All Progressives Congress APC across the country, series of intrigues and politicking has been on ground as a tactics of being Victorious.

The Enugu State Chapter of the Party is not left behind as people who have zero electoral values are already using the strategy to pull their opponents down because of their growing influence amongst the grassroots.

Speaking to  Newsmen on Wednesday at APC Enugu State Secretariat after the Party's meeting with All the Grassroot Leaders, the National Secretary of the APC LEADERS FORUM, Dr Charles Ogbu said, that the state Chairmanship Aspirants should focus on what they want to do for the Party and Leave sentiments   alone such strategy has been antiquated.

He stated that he discovered that what most of the State Chairmanship Aspirants did was trying to discredit Ac Ude as the person who factionalised the Party, which he also said, is a clear act of not being ready to lead.

"It is very disheartening that people would travel down to the state to listen to what people who wants to take over the Party has to say as their vision, only to discover that, they are just seriously unserious"

"Comrade AC Ude was very apt with his speeches, stating in clear terms, what he intends to do and How he would do it,which was well accepted by the grassroots" 

"Those who accuse him of factionalising the Party needs proper information because, such believe is lies"

He went further to state that, those who factionalised APC Enugu State has all been forgiven by the National Leadership of the Party as well as the presidency.

According to him "Hon Geoffrey Onyeama, Sen Ken Nnamani, Onyemucheya Nnamani amongt others were the engine and nucleus of the factionalisation of Enugu APC and they have all been rewarded with juicy positions by the National Leadership of the Party including the presidency "

" Geoffrey Onyeàmà Started by bringing thugs to disrupt the State Congress at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in May 2018 which culminated into having an Okey Ogbodo faction"

" APC Enugu State was very peaceful before their entrance but disintegrated shortly after they were accepted "

" They have all been rewarded with the Ministerial position, Zonal Caretaker committee chairman, Board member of the Police Service Commission and so on"

He also wonders why people are always tackling the young man for an offence he did not commit, leaving the arrow heads and thus, admonish all for pardon him and focus on the Congress as the National Leadership of the Party has forgiven and rewarded the architects with good offices.

"For Christ sake, Sen Ken Nnamani killed the Party in 2019 and we can not pretend to be unaware"

"He connived with Geoffrey Onyeàmà to share the Party's election funds into 2 and gave huge sums to his brother, Okey Ogbodo causing a very big disdainful outing for the Party in Enugu State but still no body talks about it."  "Why is it only AC Ude that All fingers are pointing towards?" 

In another Development, the National Coordinator of All Diaspora Group Enugu State Chapter, Chief maurice Akubuko  exonerated Comrade AC Ude from all accusations and advised that doing that without starting from the top could cause more problem for the Party.

"AC Ude was only one of those used to cause problem in APC by Geoffrey Onyeàmà and Ken Nnamani"

"I don't know why many people are afraid of saying this but it is a known truth which is glaring"

"Aside being rewarded individually, their cronies like, Ginika Tor-Williams, Timothy Amah, Princess Ada ogbu, have all been rewarded with positions as Federal Character Commission member, Zonal Organizing Secretary and Admin Secretary of the APC South East "

" Why then are they victimizing Comrade AC Ude for an offense he has pleaded for forgiveness with verifiable crucial works  that he has done to make amendments and leaving those who are even having sleepless nights just to cause more problems"

Also Speaking, another Stakeholder of the Party from Oji River by name Chief Hillary Ilogebe, was vehemently annoyed at the turn of events.

He posited that aside Geoffrey Onyeàmà, Sen Ken Nnamani and Onyemaucheya Nnamani that Gbazuagu Nweke Gbazuagu did the Worst by liaising with Some Party local Government chairmen to work for APGA in 2019, using APC money.

He stated that upon committing the offence, he was rewarded with a good position as the State Coordinator of the Federal Government’s Public Works Programme, a work he has used to cement his anti Party activities very well Yet to body is talking.

He however stated that, from his observations with what happened in the meeting yesterday at APC Enugu State Secretariat, that Comrade AC UDE is a grassroot person who should be supported to move APC Enugu State to a greater height.

His only offence is supporting the State Caretaker committee chairman, Barr Dr Ben Nwoye and insisting that the grassroot be allowed to choose their leaders and not leaders choosing for them.

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  1. AC Ude is PDP sponsored candidate. You got to be very careful with him.