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Northern youths under the auspices of Northern Youth Assembly of Nigeria have asked President Muhammadu Buhari, northern governors, Sultan, Emirs and other political and religious leaders to shun the gimmicks of northern-southern dichotomy but embrace patriotism and religion tolerance, urging them to face the security instability and other social problems facing the zone to save the north from what they termed “perishing like and idle society of people whom leaders have failed.”

They made this known through a press statement signed by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Mohammed Lawal which read:


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.

One who has tasted the elixir of sacrifice is not satisfied by anything but the pursuit of service. (Naskar).

I seek your indulgence to observe a one minute silence in honour of our people whom were killed by bandits, terrorists in our region and regional ethnic militias, separatist rebels in some part of Nigeria.

Northern Youth Asembly Of Nigeria (NYAN) call for this press conference after it's national convention out of a deep sense of moral, civic and historical duty as a conscientious organization and  stakeholder in nation building.

Our central focus is rebirth, re-enlightenment and restructuring of our system to fit into the global standard, where it will create a conducive environment for our people.

It's time to work together to achieve this altruistic task in other to face most of the challenges distorting the peace and security in our region and country, we can't do it alone and we can't succeed without your collective support and prayers.

I am using this medium to appeal to stalkholders, leaders, family, friends, associates and well wishers to support this organization that is aimed at giving a purposeful leadership greared towards touching lives and making sustainable impacts in the cause of nation building.

It is with great pleasure that our policy trust in rooted in the statement made by our famous leader late Sir Ahmadu Bello in his remark thus he said "I always remind people of our firmly rooted policy of religious tolerance. We have no intention of favoring one religion at the expense of another".He continue" Here in Northern Nigeria, we have People of many different races, tribes and religion who are knit together to common history, common interest and common ideas, the things that unite us are stronger than the things that divide us"

It is our determination that everyone should have absolute liberty to practice his belief according to the dictates of his conscience and allow to make choice about his sorounding and economy life without tension.

The concerted effort of the previous assembly has been commended not just by us, but lot of commentators in the public fora due to its unique conduct and I believe it's on that direction we stand on.

Alhamdulilah! As we were elected today to take over the leadership of the assembly, we will do our best to unite our people and place the region internal interest beyond measures which will be a cardinal point in serving the nation with patrotism and nationalistic spirit instead of regional senstiment.

We really appreciate the convention planning committee led by Hon Mike Magaji and the Local organizing committee led by Comr. Nata'alla Keffi. I can't thank you less the stalkholders, delegates and former leaders for their unalloyed support towards the northern Youth Assembly of Nigeria for the successful conduct of the 3rd national convention of the Assembly.

We want to also use this medium to celebrate our region for its role in uniting the country despite the current Insecurity shenanigans blood shed, worse economy crisis, climate change, drug abuse, and so many social problem links with our population which have endanger the region, even in the face of killing, harassment of our people in some part of this country, we stand differently without any form of reprisal and it is  indeed an amazing tolerance that the courtry must appreciate.

Our leaders in northern region should wake up and confront this challenges bedeveling us as people and forget about unnecessary gimmick about north and south dichotomy, and focus on attacking this social problems targeting the future of our people, and if this has not been check so soon, we will all perish like an idle society or community of people whom their leaders have failed. We are known to be productive and proactive as a region even before the colonial rule, we were united despite our differences, we must understand our difference, tolerate each other irrespective of the religion we have faith on or ethnic background we are affiliated to, our region have been score positively good in the formation of New Nigeria, where patrotism is the watch word of everyone, our region is a place where every Nigerian is loved, appreciated and accommodated without discrimination.

North is a place where you can keep your money in an open place and nothing will happen to it,  but can we do it now? The question have answered itself (NO). 

We Commend His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari led Adminstration for his tireless efforts so far in tackling insecurity in the region which these days have yielded positive results and we urge the federal government not to relaxed as the deadly groups are regrouping to launch attacks on civilians, market places and worship centers as revenge to the current out slough unleashed on them by Nigerian army.

 We urged Nigeria government to revisit any policies adopted by either Nigeria military or police in forgiven terrorist and bandits in the name of repentance, we didn't accept that.

those who are hell bent on kindnaping our people, targeting and  destroying education sector in the region should be declared as Terrorist and should not be treated as bandit.

We appreciate Pesident Muhammadu Buhari for his stewardship role in   providing the needed  policies and environment where agriculture have taken a different demension in Northern part of the country and Nigeria at Large.

We appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to declare state of emergency on insecurity, economy and education.

We thank and appreciate the Arewa consultative forum, Northern Elders forum on their selfless sacrifice in defending the rights and privileges of the region, we call on other reputable organizations to unite and face the agenda that is aimed to destroy our region by some internal forces link with external influence.

t's time to unite, we are all equal before God and our religion is a private life, we should be able to appreciate everyone's contribution in struggle for better north.

For Rev Mathew Hassan Kukah which many have misunderstood, we have firm believe that he is one of the best brains in our region and most of his statement are not out of line.The traditional leaders should stand for us and support us in the mission to break status quo of conservative tradition in an era where liberalism should be our standing point.

We call on the sultan of Sokoto, Bishop Hassan Mathew Kukah and Gen Abdulsalam led peace committee to wade in and settle the interface between Gov Samuel Ortom and Miyeti Allah for the sake of peace and the future of our region, we can't continue like this, please.

We commend and appreciate Gov Abdullahi A sule led Adminstration for dislodging terrorist camp in Toto LGA, but as he is aware those serial killers, murderers are running back to that same forest as Military intensifies offensive in zamfara, Niger, Kaduna.

We also thanks his Excellency Gov Abdullahi A Sule Executive Governor Of Nasarawa State for providing us with security, venue and support.

We commend the outgoing Rt. Hon. Ukkasha Hamza Rahanan Led 2nd Assembly and the Comrade Abbah JM Abbah CNA Led Board of Trustees for lifting the Organization to Amiable height.

I wish you all the new elected officials safe  journey back to your respective state's.



Rt Hon Ibrahim Mohammed Lawal (Dubagari Jnr) Speaker Northern Youth Asembly Of Nigeria (NYAN).

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