Free Our Brother Or Face The Music - Enugu Youths Issues Ultimatum To Ebonyi Governor | CABLE REPORTERS

The coalition of Enugu youth leaders have issued a strong ultimatum to the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. Dave Umahi, demanding the immediate release of an Enugu indigine and a broadcaster who was arrested by the police on an order of Ebonyi state government over a Facebook post.

“Gov. Dave Umahi, The attention of coalition of Enugu state Youth leaders has been drawn to inhumane treatment meted at one of our own by the name Godfrey Chikwere by agents of Ebonyi state government under your supervision over a harmless Facebook post.”

In the statement signed by all the 3 notable leaders of the apex youth groups of the three senatorial zones of Enugu state, Comr. Roy Ekwueme, President Nsukka Youths General Assembly, Hon. Edeani M Edeani, President Nkanu Youth Assembly and Hon. Nebo Ebube, President Agbaja Youth General Assembly emphasised that the post by Chikere Godfrey was never inciting, false or a hate speech as stated by Ebonyi state government maintaining that Chikere was only expressing his freedom of speech and expression.

“We have painstakingly reviewed the post and we condemn the arrest in it's entirety as it was never incisive, fake or a hate speech as Hon. Chikwere was  merely basking on his legitimate freedom of speech as enshrined in Section 39 (1) (states that every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions and to receive; impart information without interference.).” it read.

They warned against threats issued by the Ebonyi state governor and his government on Enugu youths who tried to speak up on the issue demanding the immediate end to it.

“We are also aware of subtle threats on Enugu youths speaking out by agents of your government and its time to put a stop to this madness.”

The coalition gave the governor till tomorrow the 15th to release Chikwere or face Enugu youths.

“The coalition of Enugu youth leaders are giving governor David Umahi and government of Ebonyi state an ultimatum to release Chikwere to government of Enugu state on or before Friday 15th of October to receive adequate medical attention or they will have all us to contend with.”

“Finally, May God help us all that nothing happens to Chikwere!!!”

“A stitch in time saves nine” they added

CABLE REPORTERS had reported of how Hon. Chikwere was arrested by the police upon receiving a letter from Ebonyi state government through the commissioner of information:


Mr. Chikwere’s post on Facebook:


But will our Youths learn?

* They can pay a Youth salary or stipend to insult their politcal opponent and offend their destiny helpers but they can not pay school fees for such Youth to study Mass communication.

* They can pay a Youth to murder a perceived politcal enemy but they can give such Youth money to start a business.

* They  can buy fully loaded van of beer for You to drink  because they know that You will suddenly become their hype man when have successfully but uselessly watered and garnished Your brain with alcohol which will subsequently query Your  liver, but they can never support You with two crates of beer to start beer business.

* They can take the full burial bill and expenses of their late appointee but they can never make out time to visit them when they are sick and alive.

* Most times, the only moment they know the wife of their appointee is during condolence visit as a result of their husband's death on active service.

* When it is time for thuggery, demonstration and aimless protest it is You, but when it comes to appointment, occupying front seat in state function and oversea trip it is their children.

*When it is time for useless defense and crises You will become "our Youth" but when their is peace You will become a thwart.

If You must succeed as a Young politician, You have alternative legitimate means of living, You must choose to work with a man or woman that understand Your mood without a word from You, You must anchor with a fellow that  can different Your pains from his immediate selfish gain. You must understand that it is Your  contribution and gains before politcal party logo, clan and place of origin.


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