Buhari Regime’s 2022 Budget Dubious, Annoying, Questionable - Sen Smart Adeyemi | CABLE REPORTERS

Senator representing Kogi West, Smart Adeyemi, says the 2022 national budget proposal presented before the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari is not in tune with Nigeria’s economic reality, describing it as “dubious” and “questionable.” 

Mr Adeyemi, a member of the ruling All Progressive Congress, derided the Buhari regime and its economic eggheads for failing to invest in Ajaokuta steel project, despite huge unemployment issues in the country. 

“And you will ask a question, the economy team of Mr President Muhammadu Buhari, are they Nigerians? If they are Nigerians, it means they are not in tune with the reality in this country today. Today we have a large army of unemployed people and you are bringing a budget that is so annoying, so questionable, so dubious,” Mr Adeyemi said. 

Speaking to reporters in a viral video, Mr Adeyemi lamented the neglect of Ajaokuta iron and steel complex, situated in his home state, Kogi, while budgeting billions on frivolities. 

“In essence if you have asked us in Kogi State what will be our priority in the 2022 budget, we will tell you come and complete iron and steel complex,” Mr Adeyemi said. “Not for the sake of Kogi State alone but for Nigeria itself. This is a complex that will provide about 60,000 jobs, about 20,000 engineers and technicians.” 

He added that “How do you justify a ministry in Nigeria asking the Senate to approve N82 billion to buy mosquitoes nets? This is money that is more than enough to kick start or give appreciable push to building of iron and steel complex.”

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