It is Time to eschew bitterness and utilise the opportunities presented by Governor Ugwuanyi for the betterment of the youths, Ilogebe begs Enugu Youths | CABLE REPORTERS

Youths of Enugu State across different Political lines and businesses have been urged to jettison the Politics of animosity and embrace love as it is the panacea to getting Political liberty and achieving greater goals.

A Special Assistant to Executive Governor of Enugu State on Student Affairs, Comrade Chidi Ilogebe, made this known while presenting his welcome address during the just concluded youths and Students' leader's dinner Night held in Enugu.

He stated that the enormity of preposterous bickering amongst youths of Enugu State both for those in Government and those outside is outrageously alarming and requires urgent circumscription before it degenerates into unquenchable acrimony.

Comrade Ilogebe posited that the Political space is too big to accommodate everybody even those with different Political ideology but to achieve this, unity of purpose and love must be prioritized over any other thing that is anti-progressive.

According to comrade Ilogebe " Enugu youths are special people blessed with different talents and gifts to get anything we want even without stressful protocols"

"We must unite to make good and maximum use of these heterogenous gifts to the betterment of ourselves"

"The level of frivolous acrimony amongst the youth constituency in Enugu State is startling with what looks to be pertinacious speed and we have to come together to stop this before it gets out of hand."

"I see no reason why we would be doing what we do not like seeing our fathers doing, as it brings a negative image to us in their midst"

"The Political Space is too large to accommodate everybody and as a result, every young person who has an aspiration for anything can achieve his dreams with constructive and focussed efforts and yet get it without blocking another person's way"

"Enugu youths must eschew bitterness and embrace peace and love as we have seen in Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who does not segregate in any form at all; be it age, Social status, Political camp and so on"

The Students Leader also Stated that the Youth Leaders have to adopt Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's style of crisis management to resolve their problems as a man cannot always be devoid of disagreements but the resolution approach used determines the longevity of the qualms.

"I urge Enugu Youths to learn the crisis management strategy and approach that is persistently used by  our father and Governor, His excellency, Rt Hon Ifeanyichukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi in resolving all Political, Religious, Traditional conundrums facing the state "

" This is because the approach has ensured that we enjoy superlative peace and economic growth in the State in all sectors"

"We must learn to  forgo  negative side talks, come together as brothers and work for the amelioration of the State and Society at large; as we often see in the Leadership style of our Governor ."

"Enugu youths are special people who would always learn from their leaders and this, we must learn from not only our leader but Father.

He also thanked Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for always being a father figure and mentor to Enugu youths not minding their frailty.

He also reiterated the commitment of Enugu Youth Leaders in supporting his administration as he has always stood behind them and have through his statements, body Language, policies and so on, shown that, he is a youth-friendly Governor that understands the importance of youths in the development and Political advancement of any region.

" I want to appreciate the Executive Governor Of our Dear State, His Excellency Excellency, Rt Hon Ifeanyichukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi for his unalloyed supports towards the youths constituency"

"His is a father, Best friend, mentor and disciplinarian to Enugu youths"

"He has shown his unending love for us and willingness to help us actualise our dreams of making Enugu and Nigeria better"

"We are always with him and would support him with all our arsenal to ensure that, his visions for the state is made manifest"

Comrade Chidi Ilogebe however, sought forgiveness amongst the young persons in the state whom he must have consciously or unwittingly wronged in any way at all; saying that, he has forgiven those who wronged him and thus, admonished others to do the same to all as Enugu is " our own"

"I want to use this opportunity to ask for forgiveness amongst any young person who i must have wronged or angered in any way"

"As humans, we are not infallible neither are we impeccable; making it impossible to be right at all times"

"As we end the" comradic " year today, I forgive all those who offended me and may we also forgive all those who maligned or ill-treated us.

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