#Opinion: The Divine Definition of Sound Representation and Leadership by Esther Nnamani | CABLE REPORTERS

Approximately ,in the world today lot of things have gone wrong on the basis of leadership and this has also had an effect globally on people’s mindset about leadership.

 Leadership  is a platform where either elected /selected individuals are given opportunity to express and show their true intentions for the people.Anyone can be in the government but not just anyone can deliver undiluted and value in their service to humanity !

 The number one reason why we are in the dump of backwardness globally is as a result of the “selfish factor”People possess once they assume office.

Over time infrastructures have been placed on hold, the masses play their role of doing what’s right by voting and believing in individuals who have given them their word but along the line the story changes and they are subjected to suffering .

 Just a few people are fortunate enough to have leaders who don’t see any reason to hold back their good will and intentions in delivering quality representation.

  Nkanu East /West Federal  Constituency is lucky to have a quintessential leader like Hon.Nnolim Nnaji.

A leader per excellence , an extraordinaire individual, A leader by calling and from birth, Only leaders like Pharm.Hon.Nnolim Nnaji can see the people through the eyes of reality and attend to the need /want of the people effortlessly. Nkanu East /West Federal  Constituency has indeed found favour in the sight of God and that’s why things are the way they are today !

   “OZOIGBONDU” is not just a name ,He's a global figure , A humanity and humility  influencer.   Hon.Nnolim Nnaji has done noble and has also written his name on the heart of mothers , women , men and especially children .

“OGECHI KA NMA” is more than a slang but a great indication for the people that no force can stop the change which its time has come “ 

Everything seemed unusual in some aspects in the life of the people but Hon.Nnolim Nnaji has really changed the narrative of what has been believed over time.

Hon.Nnolim Nnaji has done noble and is still doing noble for the good people of Nkanu East /West and even beyond .

 The Mark of Leadership is upon him and nothing can erase that fact !

  The dice is still rolling and obviously the great work won’t stop !

 - Esther Nnamani writes from Akpugo

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