#Opinion: Sam Ngene has demonstrated his resolve to quality and affordable education by paying Pupils WAEC fees - Victor Okoh | CABLE REPORTERS

Hon. Sam Ngene

Posterity will demand to see what little illumination we brought to the scene from the candlelight whose oil we consumed -Unkonwn.

Service to humanity and affection towards the plight of the people remains the burden of true leadership, and such is the leadership principle of the empathic Enugu State House of Assembly member representing Enugu South Urban Constituency.

It was Benjamin Franklin who opined that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Malcom in his speech on education refers to it as the passport to the future. Hon. Sam Ngene has shown his mettle as one who believes in the ideology of arming the youths with quality education.

The office of the member representing Enugu South Urban  Constituency and Chairman House Committee on health, Hon. Sam Ngene had on 10th December, 2021 unveiled his Education Support Program to Enugu South Urban Constituents, a program initiated to help constituents in Senior WAEC classes to write free WAEC Examination. The scheme which drew beneficiaries from the four wards of Enugu South Urban Constituency, was also extended to the rural ward of the anointed David (ward 11 Obeagu uno), because charity is best when it begins from home.

The application for Sam Ngene Education Support Program which took place in 10th December 2021, was a transparent process devoid of favoritism. Secondary school students who are Constituents in Senior WAEC Classes, both from public and private schools had the equal opportunity to benefits from anointed David’s magnanimity.

On 15th December, 2021 the prospective beneficiaries were invited to Enugu South Urban Constituency office at No. 1 Fox lane Ziks Avenue Enugu State, where the house member and Chairman house committee on health Hon. Sam Ngene conducted a free, fair and unbiased balloting process which gave rise to fifteen (15) successful beneficiaries from each of the four wards in Enugu South Urban Constituency and his rural ward (ward 11 Obeagu uno), making it a total of seventy five (75) prospective beneficiaries. 

Anointed David in his usual show of love and empathy, accommodated five more pupils in his consideration list, who could not make it through the balloting process, making the total number of prospective beneficiaries a round figure of Eighty (80) pupils.

On January 28th, 2022 the office of the house member representing Enugu South Urban Constituency, expressed capacity in fulfilling vow by appointing and financially mobilizing a committee which went to the various schools of the prospective beneficiaries and paid official WAEC fee of the pupils selected.

The team-anointed committee which did a thorough work and in record time, also screened the validity of the pupils in their various schools.

The under listed students are the successful beneficiaries who were found to be in WAEC class and whose official WAEC fee has been paid by Hon. Sam Ngene.   

It is worthy of note, that such magnanimity and show of love for constituents through human capacity development is first of its kind in Enugu South Urban Constituency.

As these WAEC candidates and beneficiaries of Hon Sam Ngene Education Support Program prepares for their WAEC Examinations, the office of the house member representing Enugu South Urban Constituency wishes them well and prays they all come out in flying colours.

Victor Okoh writes from Enugu.

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