Stop Creating More Problems for APC_ South East Group Warns Chairman | CABLE REPORTERS

There are signs of another riotous scenario in the South East chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC following a letter written by the zone's National Vice Chairman of the party, Dr Ijoma Arodiogbu.

Dr Arodiogbu had in a dateless letter entitled, "Notice of Warning to Splinter Groups in the Zone" which he signed and sent to newsmen, threatened wearing members of the party, who are still fighting for justice, over injustices meted out on them by Buni led Caretaker Committee during the Congresses, of being expelled from the party should they fail to follow, support and pledge their unalloyed loyalty the recognised party structure within the next 72 hours.

The letter, despite having no date on it, Went viral to the exasperation of the party members and interest Group within and outside the party.

One of the groups who got embarrassed by the said letter, is the South East foremost socio Political group, South East Political watchdog.

The Group sees the statement as an affront and emotional blackmail to the members of the party, who were treated with disdain, dispisal and prejudice.

South East Political watchdog in a statement issued by her National Publicity Secretary, Engr Paul Eche and sent to newsmen in Enugu, he stated that, Dr Arodiogbu erred woefully in the statement attributed to him as such is a lampoonery of the reality of what is going on in the party.

He stated that, the National Vice Chairman should have been very conservative with his speech instead of displaying gross  superciliousness and hubris, because the effect of the negative impact would be adverse and  cataclysmic on the party.

According to him "Dr Arodiogbu has through his First statement shown that he lacks deportment and urbanity"

"His dictions aside the grammatical structure of that statement is a ridicule to the party and he has to be cautioned"

"How can he address his party members in such a profane manner?"

"For Someone who is part of the problem facing the party in the zone, whose position is also  not in contention to utter such a vituperative comment calls for questions over his mission in the party."

He stated that, Dr Ijoma Arodiogbu should tighten his belt, to embrace the challenges facing his office and abstain from making  lewd and interbred Comments, tantamount to burying the party in the zone. 

He suggested that, the New National Vice Chairman if confused on what it takes to pilot the affairs of the party at a zonal level,  should go and learn from his predecessor and Current Deputy National Chairman South, Hon Emma Eneukwu, who he said, made a lot of progress in galvanizing supports for the party . 

"Dr Arodiogbu should go and learn from our Current Deputy National Chairman South, Hon Emma Eneukwu on how to run the party at the zonal level :instead of destroying the legacies that he built"

"He should know that the party is still not loved or liked by the people of the zone and i wonder what he intends to achieve by threatening the party members who have right to seek for justice and associate peacefully with others"

"I wonder why the National Chairman would be busy working on how to resolve all the problems facing the party by implementing his reconciliation reports, as well as organising a credible party primaries and Dr Arodiogbu is more interested in creating more problems for the party in his zone "

"Dr Arodiogbu and his Boss, Governor Hope Uzodinma cannot use this pattern to deliver any vote for the party in South East"

"Except They are working for PDP as some people have been saying"

"Threats of expulsion to party members that he met when he joined the party cannot win any election in the zone"

"We want an alternative to PDP in South East Zone and with what is going on in APC, they are being positioned to fail"

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