Ugwuanyi’s Peaceful Enugu State: Who Can Sustain the Peace?

 Who will be the Ogbo-ogu in 2023? It is often said that it is costlier to maintain peace than to prosecute war. This is simply because to keep peace the leader has to consistently make effort to suppress his ego, and priotise the overall interest of the public. Ugwuanyi is excellent in this aspect. Since the return of Democracy in Nigeria in 1999, Enugu State has never had a Leader like Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. His best efforts have been maligned, his person consistently attacked, yet he takes all in his stride.

Since 2015 until today that Ugwuanyi took over the driving seat of the affairs of the State, nobody, despite the viciousness of attack, has ever been molested at the instigation of the Government. Ugwuanyi ended the era of marshalling out EFCC after one’s predecessor. His Excellency Sullivan Chime has continued to enjoy his well-earned peace since he left office. It is with Ugwuanyi that the era of unleashing the raw power of the State on enemies and perceived enemies became a thing of the past.


Having enjoyed this Golden era of peace, the question that should agitate any well-meaning Enugu person is: who can sustain the peace? And the answer is ready: Engr. Beloved-Dan Anike can! In fact, he has been nick-named Ogbo-ogu 2023. Like Ugwuanyi, his nature is peace. But more than that, Engr. Anike has a professional certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Resolutuion.

Of the eighteen Governorship aspirants Obinna Anike stands out in many respects: he has deep fear of God; he is not just a Christian, he lives Christianity. In all the positions he has held – and they are numerous – he has always put God first. Obinna Anike is probably one of the few politicians, who joined active politics since 1998, and has never had a brush with EFCC. At the Ministry of Transport during the days of Sullivan Chime, Engr. Anike placed emphasis on digital solutions, and de-emphasised physical brute force. 

At ENSUBEB Engr. Anike was the Member 1 overseeing the Department of Social Mobilisation (DSM) as well as the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Board. He brought his experience and professional qualifications to bear on the job. 

Enugu State PDP probably has never had as many as eighteen aspirants – we understand the reason why this is the case – Ugwuanyi allowed every aspirant a level playing field to test their popularity with the masses. But by the time the primary has been sealed the State definitely needs a peace-maker, someone, who has the inborn humility of Engr. Beloved-Dan Anike to douse frayed nerves.

Engr. Anike is the Ogbo-ogu 2023. He is the aspirant, who enjoys the goodwill of all the 17 other aspirants, including the aspirants in other parties; he is the aspirant, who will emerge without bruising the ego of the others, he is the aspirant, who has the moral fibre to bring everyone under one umbrella of communion of brotherhood, he is the aspirant, who has the dexterity to paddle through party crisis. May God endow our dear Governor with the discernment to wade through the political maze and bring Ogbo-ogu to sustain the peace.

Vote Engr. Obinna Anike for harmony, vote Ogbo-ogu for peace.

Chuks Idike, a public affairs analyst, writes from Nkerefi, Nkanu East.

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